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Florence School of Banking & Finance

Cyber Risks and Resilience

Programme Start Date





Villa Schifanoia

Application Deadline:
30/05/2022 00:00 CEST

Programme Description

This course will provide participants with the fundamental knowledge of cyber risks and resilience in the financial sector. The modules of the course will first discuss today’s cyber threat landscape, then delve into the developments in cyber resilience strategies and cyber risk management, and finally focus on the evolving areas of private-public partnerships and the role of FinTech in tackling cyber threat.

Course participants will engage in interactive discussions with instructors on topics ranging from cyber testing, systemic risks posed by interconnectedness in the financial sector, as well as the impact of innovative technologies in the context of fast changing cyber threats. Moreover, participants will take part in practical activities conducted in small groups under the supervision of course instructors and aimed at fostering and implementing their knowledge through the work on case studies.

Research Themes

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