Effective Migration Management: Putting Policy into Action

Programme Start Date






Application Deadline:
15/05/2021 24:00 Italian time

  • Migration officers/civil servants working on migration and asylum policy
  • Political consultants working on migration management
  • Professionals working in international organizations and NGOs focusing on migration management
  • Journalists and communication professionals who want to learn more about migration in its different aspects
  • Individuals aiming to acquire migration management skills

  • Knowledge transfer sessions led by accomplished practitioners and academics.
  • Mixing theoretical approaches and practical examples in three different key areas of migration management.
  • Interactive training sessions focusing on the analysis of migration, migration policy and implementation dynamics.
  • Policy case-assignments, working on operational assignments.
  • Peer-learning setting with professionals with different backgrounds and roles in migration management.

  • Develop the capacity to shift perspectives in order to apply a holistic approach to migration management.
  • Understand dynamics of different policy pillars, and policy stages; and to identify interlinkages between these different migration policy pillars and stages.
  • Understand and to incorporate insights about dynamics of migration and migration governance into policy design and practice.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of migration policy objectives, potentials and its limitations in order to put policy into action.

700 €

10% discount for early bird registrations until 18 April 2021.

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