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Master in Transnational Governance

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Palazzo Buontalenti

The Master of Transnational Governance is offered on a tuition fee basis. The fee is 14.000 Euros per academic year for both EU and non-EU students. Limited funding for scholarships and fee waivers are available.

Merit based scholarship (Essential criteria: GPA or grade tendency > 90% and Extra-curricular activities)

Financial need based scholarship (Essential criteria: GPA or grade tendency > 80% and Annual income < 14 000,00 EUR / household member. Further requirements: Self-Declaration on Financial Status including gross income per household member received in the previous year, property documentation and other assets)

Full Fee waiver (Essential criteria: GPA > 80%. Further requirements: EUI contracting states nationals (either by first or second nationality).

50% Fee waiver: potentially for candidates who requested financial support, but did not meet the essential criteria for their selected category (Essential criteria: GPA > 70% and Annual income = 14 000, 00 – 21 000,00 EUR / household member)

Conditions for retention of financial support entitlement: securing at least 75% GPA at the end of the first academic year.

A comprehensive account of the provisions regulating the allocation of funds within the framework of the MTnG constitute the object of Annex 1 of the Admission Policy for the Master of Arts in Transnational Governance.

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