Responsible Negotiations Across Nations

Programme Start Date






Application Deadline:
11/06/2021 24:00 Italian time

  • Preparation and application exercises
  • Team work, and collective problem solving
  • Role-plays, mini-cases and simulations
  • Interactive debriefings and discussions about ethical dilemmas
  • Intercultural peer-to-peer exchanges
  • Video excerpts and analysis
  • Comparative approaches
  • Summary lectures and PPT presentation from leading experts
  • Further readings to deepen your knowledge

  1. Strategic insights on how to prepare, conduct and debrief your negotiations on- and off-line
  2. A multi-disciplinary approach and a cross-regional perspective on international negotiations
  3. A responsible negotiation framework to address people, problems and processes
  4. A preparation grid, with stakeholders’ mapping, problem-solving and process of next steps
  5. A three-step practical structure to manage meetings effectively
  6. An active communication balancing comprehending and convincing
  7. A negotiation matrix to build consensus and sustainable partnerships
  8. A better understanding of yourself as a negotiator; and keys for self-development
  9. Exchange with leading experts on how to be more successful in complex negotiations
  10. An opportunity to network with mid-career colleagues from around the world

  • Mid-career professionals engaged in negotiations across borders
  • National and international civil servants
  • Political and technical advisers
  • NGO professionals
  • Corporate leaders engaged in public/private partnerships

1700 €

A discount of 25% will be applied to the charges for international European and national civil servants, as well as to members of the NGOs.

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