My time at EUI

SPS alumni's reminiscences

Alumni of the SPS Department talk about their experience at the EUI.

Anne Sofie Nielsen, PhD, SPS

"The opportunity to discuss my topic with peers and professors from different academic and personal backgrounds has been most valuable for my work."

Portrait picture of Anne Sofie Nielsen, PhD, SPS

Tobias Tesche, PhD, SPS

"A thriving academic home that is truly unique. The EUI’s reputation for excellence is well-known in the corridors of the Berlaymont in Brussels and the Eurotower in Frankfurt."

Portrait picture of Tobias Tesche, PhD, SPS

Mathilde Van Ditmars, PhD, SPS

"The EUI is truly unique because of the combination of an extremely stimulating international academic environment, many resources and academic freedom, and a wonderful community of researchers."

Portrait picture of Mathilde Van Ditmars, PhD, SPS

Krzysztof Krakowski, PhD, SPS

"There are few universities that can rival the EUI in terms of the collective research spirit. It is thanks to this spirit that my three years at the EUI were one of the happiest times in my life."

Portrait picture of Krzysztof Krakowski, PhD, SPS

Rebecca Kittel, PhD, SPS

"I feel I’ve grown a bit every day in developing my research. Seminars provide general input, while the regular face-to-face with professors and other researchers also helps your research grow." ⠀

Portrait picture of Rebecca Kittel, PhD, SPS

Margarita Zavadskaya, PhD, SPS

"The time I spent here brought me not only one of the best places one can ever dream about in which to write a doctoral thesis, but also the wonderful people who have surrounded me all these years."

Portrait picture of Margarita Zavadskaya, PhD, SPS

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