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Elinor Ostrom

As patron of the School's first cohort of master's students, Elinor Ostrom is an inspiration and guidance in our work.

"Lin Ostrom is an inspiration to all breaking through so many boundaries, and not only in her research. She is one of too few women Nobel Laureates. It must be marked that she is the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in Economics and won this prize from the discipline of Political Science."


"Elinor Ostrom developed with Sue Crawford a grammar of institutions. We can theoretically predict and empirically observe how actors behave in public policy by drawing on the institutional grammar – a powerful tool to look into the institutional statements that create expectations in a community. In the ERC project Protego we were inspired by Ostrom’s institutional grammar to ‘read’ different regulatory and administrative procedures across countries with the same conceptual template and to generate data that stand up theoretically."


“How do we achieve self-governance in an interdependent world? Elinor Ostrom was a pioneer not only in thinking about the intricacies of governance anywhere but also in opening innovating perspectives on how to optimise horizontal relations on multiple scales. When it comes to the EU, I called this approach, polycentric subsidiarity. No wonder that when a group of women scholars recently embarked on a project on polycentric governance they turned to Elinor for inspiration.”


Meet Elinor Ostrom and discover more about her life and work on the Nobel Prize official website.


Page last updated on 15/11/2021

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