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About the STG Transnational Democracy Programme

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The STG Transnational Democracy Programme serves as a hub within the EUI with regards to both teaching and research on issues of democracy beyond the state. It is part of the EUI interdisciplinary Research Cluster on Democracy in the 21st Century, and operates in close cooperation with the European Governance and Politics Programme at the Robert Schuman Centre and the European and Transnational Governance Network.

Themes include:

  • The current transformations of democracy at the subnational, national, and transnational levels as well as the relationship among them
  • The potential for democratizing globalization and Europeanisation as well as for radical citizen empowerment
  • The implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for democracy and the ethical implications that arise from the implementation of AI
  • The role and potential of National Parliaments in the current transformations of the European integration process.



Membership to the initiative is open to anyone interested in contributing to its agenda from the  broader EUI community, including faculty, students, policy leaders and staff.

It also relies on a broader network of collaborators from academia, policy-making, and civil society, seeking a more inclusive geographical perspective coming from all corners of the world including, Africa, Latin and North America, Europe and Asia.

Transnational Democracy Blog

The Transnational Democracy Blog serves as a platform for reflection and debate on ways to innovate democracy beyond the state. Everyone is invited to contribute!



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Page last updated on 09/03/2023

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