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New World, New Rules: Collective Action Repurposed

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Fri 01 Oct 2021 09.00 - 18.00

Sat 02 Oct 2021 09.00 - 18.00


Sala Europa

Villa Schifanoia

This conference seeks to gather the key findings and emerging policy directions from a series of high-level seminars that have brought together academics, policy practitioners, business and civil society over the past two years, within the framework of the Transformation of Global Governance project.

The range of problems whose solution requires international collective action is unprecedented. However, the obstacles to cooperation between nation-states to address them are stronger than ever before. This contradiction arises from geopolitical shifts and changes in national attitudes towards international rules, but also from transformations in the shape of international interdependence. The resulting challenge to the multilateral system and its adequacy to the task at hand raises fundamental analytical and policy questions. 

The Transformation of Global Governance project is an endeavour of the European University Institute, jointly run by the Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa Chair at the Robert Schuman Centre and the School of Transnational Governance. Over the course of two years, and in collaboration with other universities, think-tanks and international organisations, the project has analysed the changes in the patterns and in the management of interdependence across a number of policy fields. It also assessed the effectiveness of the emerging global governance arrangements. The shifts underway and the characteristics of the emerging modes of global governance have been examined in a series of high-level seminars that gathered academics, policy practitioners, business and civil society. 

The conference ‘New World, New Rules: Collective Action Repurposed’ seeks to bring together the main analytical findings and emerging policy directions. It will pay particular attention to the orchestration potential of the EU, against the backdrop of the US' desire to maintain its hegemonic position and China's desire to challenge it. In this context, the conference will be structured so as to address different aspects of the global governance challenges: what has changed; what have we learned; and what is to be done.

Attendance in the conference is by invitation only. 

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