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10+1 Questions: Real Life in Academia with Professor Nicolas Petit

Professor Petit was recently featured in a talkshow episode discussing all things related to life in academia, research, and PhD supervision.

05/01/2022 | News - Podcast

The talkshow "10+1 Questions: Real Life in Academia" features conversations with scholars on their careers and provides an opportunity to get to know them better, focusing on some of the 'invisible' sides of academia. Guests are interviewed on questions ranging from the books and articles they write, to how they manage their time, and who has inspired them. 

In episode six, talkshow hosts Sofia Ranchordas, Professor of Public Law at the University of Groningen, and economist Volker Stocker, Postdoctoral Researcher at TU Berlin, interview EUI Competition Law Professor, Nicolas Petit on his professional success, career tips and tricks and the best pieces of advice he has received.

10+1 Questions – Episode 6: Prof. Nicolas Petit

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