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An Academic Year in Review: STG releases report for 2020-2021

The report highlights the School’s main achievements during the COVID-19 pandemic.

06/10/2021 | News - Publication

The new report summarises activities over the last academic year in 10 points, addressing how the School of Transnational Governance handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the report, Director Alexander Stubb and Executive Director Fabrizio Tassinari highlighted how the year had been a time of adaptation, consolidation and growth for the school.

September 2020 was a seminal moment, as the School launched its MA in Transnational Governance and welcomed its first cohort of 35 students from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

To mark the occasion, the academic year was opened by Hillary Clinton, in conversation with Director Alex Stubb, STG students and Policy Fellows. The 67th US Secretary of State shared her insights on leadership and the importance of transnational governance in a livestreamed event that garnered over 30,000 views worldwide.

The STG also welcomed its first cohort for the Young African Leaders Programme, while bolstering the Executive Education programme, the Policy Leader Fellowships and Policy Dialogues, which were reformatted to take place online.

The School also made strides in tackling the critical issues of climate change and online disinformation.

In June 2020, EDMO (European Digital Media Observatory) started its activities at the STG. EDMO is an independent hub for collaboration among fact-checkers, academics and relevant stakeholder working to fight online disinformation.
The School also joined forces with the European Investment Bank to establish the Chair on Climate Change Policy and International Carbon Markets at the EUI, which aims to spread best policy practices against climate change. Professor Jos Delbeke, former founding Director-General for Climate Action at the European Commission, was appointed EIB Climate Chair in September 2020.

Furthermore, the report gives a thorough overview of the School’s new academic and policy-making partnerships, which have allowed the School to enrich its events, exchanges and funding opportunities.
A prime example is the STG adhering to the UNHCR-backed project University Corridors, offering scholarships for two refugee students to study for an MA in Transnational Governance.

Finally, the Annual Report highlights what lies ahead for the School in a post-Covid world.

Read the full report.

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