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Call for applications: Summer Schools 2022 on AI and Law & Law and Logic

The EUI Law Department is jointly hosting two Summer Schools, taking place in June and July 2022.

21 April 2022 | Event

Summer School on Law and Logic 2022

The Law Department and the Harvard Law School host the 10th edition of the Law and Logic Summer School, taking place online on 27 June – 6 July 2022. 

The Law and Logic Summer School will provide participants with rigorous training in a wide variety of logical methods that can assist in the analysis of law for all kinds of legal analysts, including students, lawyers, judges and scholars. The overall framework for the course is the Logocratic Method, a systematic method for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of arguments, including, but not limited to, legal arguments.

This eight-day course offers a detailed presentation of propositional and predicate deductive logic, as well as the use of logic for capturing representing deontic and Hohfeldian modalities, analogical and inductive reasoning and inference to the best explanation. It also presents some aspects of non-deductive reasoning in law, such as defeasible reasoning, including argumentation schemes.

Throughout the course, careful attention will be given to the way in which these methods of argument can assist legal analysis.

Apply here.


Summer School on AI & Law 2022

The Law Department and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law host the 3rd edition of the AI and Law Summer School, taking place online on 7 – 15 July 2022. This course provides an introduction to applications of artificial intelligence in the legal domain.

The AI and Law Summer School will provide participants with the foundational concepts and exposition to the broad range of techniques used to develop artificial intelligence systems for legal applications. As such, the course endeavours to provide introductory training to undergraduate or graduate students, researchers and legal scholars who want to do research in AI & Law or the law of AI.

This seven-day course offers lectures on the following topics: History of AI & Law, including a very brief history of AI; knowledge-based systems for representing regulations; models of legal argument, including case-based and logic-based approaches; information retrieval from legal documents; machine learning; text analytics; legal analytics and forecasting.

No programming experience is required.

Apply here.

The application deadline for both Summer Schools is: Sunday, 1 May 2022 at 23:59 pm (CEST)

Last update: 21 April 2022

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