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Economics researcher Yann Delaprez receives Second Year Paper Prize 2021

Economics researcher Yann Delaprez has been awarded the Second Year Prize 2021 for best paper and presentation.

03/09/2021 | News - Award

In 2014 the Economics Department decided to institute a prize for the best end of-first-year summer report for first year students. As of 2019, this prize is awarded for the Best Second Year paper. The prize is meant to be a gratifying reward and to give a further incentive to the students to write a compelling paper which would become one of their thesis chapters.

The prize-winning paper Upstream Mergers with Divestitures in Vertical Markets, co-authored by Yann Delaprez and Morgane Guignard, analyses a large upstream joint venture with divestiture in the French coffee market. Contrary to previous approaches used to study the effect of merger and divestiture on prices and economic welfare, they model the vertical market structure. 

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