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Last Monday a few doctoral researchers and students from the EUI and the University of Florence joined a “fiscoteque” at the Murate Art District, where they discussed European fiscal issues and fair taxation.

22/07/2021 | Podcast - Event

Last Monday, 21 June doctoral researchers and students from the EUI and the University of Florence gathered for a “fiscoteque” at the Murate Art District (MAD), where they explored European fiscal issues and fair taxation concerning youth.

The event, part of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) initiative and co-organised by the European Documentation Centre of the EUI Library, Engaged Academics, Thoughts for Europe, the University of Florence, the European Commission Representation in Italy and Europe Direct Florence, brought together students and researchers for discussion. The event was moderated by EUI Law researcher Mario Pagano, and featured presentations by Marco Maria Mazio, International and EU Tax Lawyer, Costanza Hermanin, Policy Leader Fellow at the School of Transnational Governance, and Professor Stefano Dorigo, University of Florence.

In his presentation, Marco Maria Mazio shed light on the intricacies and misalignments of the 27 different taxation systems interacting in the EU and the controversial role of the “big tech” companies in this precarious balance, whilst also explaining what is needed to reach a fairer fiscal Europe.

Costanza Hermanin then spoke to the group clarifying first how European citizenship and direct taxation may strengthen each other. She then explained what the Next Generation EU fund management will deal with in regards to the taxation of digital companies and of carbon emissions.

Finally, Professor Dorigo connected the theme to his own research project at the University of Florence, where he investigates an experimental EU direct taxation that could help fight Euroscepticism.

The organisers' success in connecting taxation to pressing issues such as the environment and digital technologies brought the issue home for the participants and resulted in a lively debate about what future steps the EU should take for youth.

Controradio will offer a recording of the event on their web channels (Facebook, YouTube and website) on 28 June at 15:00. Listeners can also tune in to FM/DAB/web radio on 29 June at 9:35 for the broadcast.

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