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New LUCE Awards to honour women contributing to the green transition

The newly established ‘LUCE Awards’ for women in energy, climate and sustainability, promoted by the Florence School of Regulation (FSR) and Landwärme, will be celebrated on 16 May in Florence, Italy. The award is named after the Italian word for ‘light’.

30 March 2023 | Award

LUCE Awards banner

During the awarding ceremony, prizes will be given to two different categories of candidates: the‘Emerging Talent’ category and the ‘Legacy Women’ one. Eligible candidates for the Emerging Talent category are up-and-coming female academics, entrepreneurs, founders (also of non-registered projects), young leaders of civil society etc, who are working to advance the Green Transition’s agenda worldwide. Applications are open on the Lights on Women platform until 5 April 2023.

The objective of the Legacy Women category is to honour the career of senior female professionals who have successfully used their platforms and voices to address and tackle the energy and climate crises. More information on this category can be found here

In the context of a just green transition, the LUCE Awards are meant to further the transition’s gender mainstreaming objectives while highlighting the contributions and achievements of women of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds who are working in energy, climate and sustainability. 

“Taking into account the objectives of the EU Green Deal to facilitate a transition towards both carbon neutrality and energy security”, says Leonardo Meeus, Director of the FSR, “we hope, with these awards, to make a contribution in that direction and to push the sector towards gender equality and empowerment”

“As diversity and gender equality are topics near and dear to our heart, we are honoured to support the Lights on Women initiative and the LUCE Awards”, says Dagmar Düring, Head of Marketing & Public Relations at Landwärme. “We are committed to lead the way towards a more diverse energy industry and give women and any gender the place they well deserve. I hope to inspire others to be the change the industry is aiming for." 

The LUCE Awards are part of the ‘Lights on Women’ initiative, started by the FSR in 2017 to advanceeconomically and socially-inclusive energy policy and regulation.

The Florence School of Regulation is part of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies in theEuropean University Institute. Established in 2004, the FSR aims at improving the quality ofregulatory policy in Europe and worldwide.

Landwärme group is a privately held corporation with operations spanning continental Europe and is one of Europe’s leading biomethane traders. In 2022 they became partner of the Lights on Women project.

Last update: 30 March 2023

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