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Night trains, passenger corridors and EU energy laws | FSR Op-Ed round-up

Read the latest Florence School of Regulation blog posts discussing topics ranging from energy solidarity to the potential climate impact of railroad innovations such as night trains and freight traffic corridors.

04/06/2021 | News - Opinion - Blog

The first post to highlight, 'The Future of Energy Solidarity', was written by Max Münchmeyer (Department of Law Researcher). The author explores how the long-awaited Court of Justice ruling in the court case concerning the OPAL natural gas pipeline, which focuses on a dispute between Germany and Poland on restrictions for the OPAL pipeline, will impact energy law in the European Union for the long-term. 

The other posts focus on the potential environmental impact of railroad transit innovations. The first, 'Developing international passenger traffic: What can we learn from our experience with freight traffic corridors?' written by Linda Thulin (President of the European Rail Freight Corridor Scandinavian Mediterranean), reviews how lessons learned from the development of international freight traffic corridors can help with establishing efficient long-distance and cross-border passenger rail services that travel International Passenger Corridors.

Finally, Bertil Hylén, (FSR-Transport Adviser, previously with VTI Transport Research, Sweden and the European Commission’s DG TREN) reflects on the rationale and main challenges towards the establishment and future role for night trains travelling across international passenger corridors. Read 'International Passenger Corridors and night trains: Which direction shall we take?'.

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