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Max Weber Programme for Postdoctoral Studies

Pricing Technologies and their Economic and Social Consequences

Last week's MWP Multidisciplinary Research Workshop on "Pricing Technologies" brought together several experts from different fields.

12 April 2021 | Video

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On 25 and 26 March, the MWP hosted (virtually) a multidisciplinary research workshop on "Pricing Technologies and their Economic and Social Consequences", organised by MW Fellows Arthur Dolgopolov (ECO), Francesco Ducci (LAW), Agnieszka Jablonowska (LAW), Giacomo Tagiuri (LAW). The workshop emphasised technological developments in the way prices are calculated, recorded, and communicated.

The multidisciplinary event brought together economists, lawyers, sociologists, historians, and industry practitioners, in particular the following speakers:

Andreas Leibbrandt (Monash University), Arnoud den Boer (University of Amsterdam), Brad Kells (Cargo Chief, Lead Data Scientist), Brendan Lucier (Microsoft Research), Christo Wilson (Northeastern University), Emilio Calvano (University of Bologna), Franck Cochoy (University of Toulouse), Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius (Radboud University), Giacomo Calzolari (European University Institute), Hal Varian (Google), Heinrich Nax (ETH Zurich & University of Zurich), Joseph Harrington (University of Pennsylvania), Joseph Turow (University of Pennsylvania), Justin Johnson (Cornell University), Marian Moszoro (George Mason University & SGH Warsaw School of Economics), Matthijs Wildenbeest (Indiana University), Michal Gal (University of Haifa), Natali Helberger (University of Amsterdam), Oren Bar-Gill (Harvard University), Rob Nicholls (University of New South Wales), Tamar Kricheli-Katz (Tel-Aviv University).

Some sessions of the workshop have been video-recorded and are now available in the dedicated YouTube Playlist.

Multidisciplinary Research Workshop "Pricing Technologies"

Max Weber Lecture with Professor Johanna Gehmacher (University of Vienna) - 12 January 2022

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