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Schuman Shorts - Externalities | Thorsten Beck

In the latest video in the Schuman Shorts series, FBF Director Thorsten Beck, explains what externalities are, why they are important and how impact policy-making.

26/07/2021 | News - Video

"The fact that vaccines have societal benefits such as herd immunity that go beyond private ones, is a good reason to make them free for everyone."

In the newest Schuman Short, Thorsten Beck, Director of the Florence School of Banking and Finance, uses the case of COVID-19 vaccines to offer examples of both positive and negative externalities, and how policy-makers must keep them in mind in order to develop policy that can effectively change people's behaviours. 

Watch the full video now on the Robert Schuman Centre YouTube Channel

Externalities | Thorsten Beck - Schuman Shorts #35

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