School of Transnational Governance

Global Pandemics and Security: How to address the EU's Hybrid Threats

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23/04/2021 - 23:59 CET

Registrations to open soon. Stay tuned!

Programme Description

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new vulnerabilities for hybrid action in the EU: fresh thinking and innovative ideas are needed concerning ways to optimise the EU’s policies and approaches vis-à-vis hybrid threats.

Beginning with a focus on those critical gaps and vulnerabilities brought to the fore by the pandemic,the goal of this training is to understand and explore the EU’s hybrid threats in an interactive manner. It is designed to encourage the deep comprehension needed to critically analyse different types of hybrid threats, their backgrounds, and root causes in order to evaluate therisk presented at the EU level.

The intent is to uncover their transnational linkages for examination and debate in order to facilitate the assessment of existing policies while recommending any needed reforms; all with an aim for enhancing the EU’s future state of preparedness.

What you will gain

Demonstrate an understanding of hybrid threats, their dynamic form and recent trends;
Analyse the role of a pandemic focusing on how the COVID-19 crisis has served as both accelerantas well as multiplier in the proliferation of hybrid threat framework;
Compare and contrast the similarities and differences in national and EU/NATO approaches tocountering hybrid threats;
Formulate ideas for partnerships with the private sector;
Develop innovative ideas on ways to optimize the EU’s policies and approaches vis-à-vis hybrid threats.

How you will learn

  • Topical presentations; information about latest trends and developments concerning hybrid threats and the effects of COVID-19 on EU resilience;
  • Engaging with the trainers and the group; raising topical issues while benefitting from the diverse backgrounds of participants;
  • Peer to peer sessions in which participants will be actively engaged in private-public partnership building process simulations.

Who should attend

  • Lead managers and executives from EU Institutions and member states in areas of comprehensive security policy to include both military and digital security policy, communication and media policy, as well as critical infrastructure, policy, etc.)
  • Private sector-experts representing the above mentioned fields.
  • Representatives of national parliaments and the EP.
  • Researchers and experts of hybrid threats wishing to interact with key practitioners and private sector representatives in the field.


Fees: 800 €



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