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Salvatore Caserta

Fernand Braudel Fellow

Department of Law

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[email protected]

[+39] 055 4686 639

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Villa Salviati- Manica, SAMN273

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Salvatore Caserta

Fernand Braudel Fellow

Department of Law


Salvatore’s reseach lies at the crossroads of law and sociology. A focus area is to unveil the socio-political dynamics accounting for the establishment of authority of international courts in regional settings. His interest is to understand the reasons why several regions of the world equipped their systems of regional integration with international judicial bodies, how these institutions develop and function over time, and how these impact on regional integration.
Another area of interest is the role of the legal profession in a number of societal aspects (i.e. the judicialization of international politics, the rise of a digital society, and the development of the welfare state). In this regard, I am conducting a research project (DigiProf) on how the digitalization of the legal field is changing the structure and role of large law firms in contemporary society.
At the EUI, Salvatore is researching how non-European international human rights and economic courts contribute to the development of an international rule of law in times of contestation of the liberal order

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