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Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on Media Pluralism and Media Freedom

The COVID-19 outbreak impacted the media ecosystem through several drivers: 1) a huge and quick step forward digitalization; 2) the need for reliable and accurate news; 3) the new limits and constraints to journalistic work; 4) the sustainability of the news media industry; 5) a renewed role of governments’ economic support; 6) the spreading of misinformation and disinformation on health issues. The Media Pluralism Monitor is a tool that analyses the risks for media pluralism in the EU with a scientific method and a holistic approach. The MPM concentrates on four areas: Fundamental Protection, Market Plurality, Political Independence and Social Inclusiveness. Using the methodology of the MPM, and the scientific network of experts in the EU-27 (plus three candidate countries) the CMPF will conduct in autumn 2020 a special implementation of the Media Pluralism Monitor, with a data collection focused on the variables that are most impacted by the COVID-19 emergency, in the fields of freedom of expression, journalists’ working conditions, media economy, public support to the media sector and vulnerability to misinformation.

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