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EU-Turkey relations after the coup

An Oped by Professor Luigi Narbone, Director of the Middle East Directions Programme, published on the EU Observer:

The pro-democracy stance that contrasted the recent tentative coup in Turkey has dealt a significant blow to a long tradition of military tutelage and interventions in politics, and pushed away the danger of Turkey’s drifting along the pathway leading to a Syrian-style civil war, at least for now...

World Trade Forum: behind-the-border policies and global trade

This year's World Trade Forum is on 23 - 24 September and will focus on behind-the-border policies and global trade. It will take place at the premises of the European University Institute in Florence. The event  will focus on the measurement and impacts of nontariff measures and domestic regulation on international trade and investment and how such ‘behind-the-border’ policies are being/can be addressed in preferential trade agreements and the WTO. The full program is here. You can register here.

“We have the character of an island nation” An analysis of Cameron’s “Bloomberg Speech” on the European Union

More than three years have passed since former British Prime Minister David Cameron delivered a much acknowledged and controversial speech on 23rd January 2013, in respect to the British relationship with the European Union. Of course, there is no clear causal connection between BS and Brexit; but many arguments of the "remain and leave campaigns" can be traced to the BS; as well as the huge ambivalence framing Cameron's position towards the EU. 


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