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Mobilizing for Democracy – Civil Society Organisations

The ERC project lead by Professor Donatella Della Porta investigates Civil Society Organisations’ participation in democratization processes. Under which (external and internal) conditions and through which mechanisms do CSOs trigger, support, and play an important role in democratization processes? What is the legacy of the participation of civil society during transitions to democracy on the quality of democracy during consolidation?

D-AT_logo_colour Addressing Demand in Anti-Trafficking Efforts and Policies - Domestic Work Case Study

Focussing on seven countries - Belgium, UK, France, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and The Netherlands - the EUI based research team examines what kind of work is involved in trafficking in human beings in the domestic work sector, what are the motivations and the profits behind it and the circumstances that allow it to take place.


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MISMES Project Final Workshop

EUI and ETF research teams, national experts and key policy-makers discuss and validate the results of the MISMES Global Inventory and the country case studies (Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Morocco and Tunisia).




China and the European Union under New Leadership: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives

The programme envisages two panels: one in the morning, focused more on the respective roles of China and the European Union in the current phase of global politics, and one in the afternoon, focused more on bilateral relations between China and the EU, including trade, investment, political and security cooperation as well as cultural relations.




Intolerance Moving Mainstream in Europe? Drivers of Intolerance and How to Foster Change

How can states oppose to expressions of intolerance, fuelled by populist fringe parties, against minorities perceived as a threat to cultural identity and socio-economic security?


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ClosaCarlos The Scottish road to EU membership

On 18 th September, Scottish citizens will vote on whether they want to become independent. A key assumption in those favouring independence is that Scotland will remain in the EU. But scholars overwhelmingly agree that a newly independent region ... [ read more ]

By Carlos Closa

Research Area Director "European, Transnational and Global Governance"


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