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interactINTERACT- MPC release country reports on integration, emigration and diaspora policies 

Learn more about integration policies in each EU member state, and about emigration and diaspora policies in migration sending countrties to the EU. Read the country reports written by correspondents from around the world contributing to the INTERACT project of the Migration Policy Centre.

Polling_Station_2008Comparing Electoral Rights in the EU

Access the EUDO Citizenship Database on Electoral Rights and learn more about the conditions and procedures of access to the franchise in the 28 EU Member States, in 10 types of elections and for 3 categories of persons: citizen residents, non-citizen residents, and non-resident citizens.

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The Islamic State in the Fertile Crescent: The Mother of All Crises.

Middle East Working Group: The latest developments in Iraq suggest that the Middle East is in profound crisis, and that the situation may get far worse before it gets better. 




Business Enterprises and European Integration:A Historical Perspective

This workshop will reflect on the relationships between business enterprises and European integration in a historical, comparative and interdisciplinary perspective.

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Trade fears threaten market integration

Trade integration has been a driver of rising per capita incomes around the globe. While inequality has been rising within countries, the income divide across countries has fallen significantly, supported by an open global trade regime that allows firms to exploit national comparative advantages.  The global trade engine is now sputtering. Trade growth post-2008 has been anaemic compared to the average in recent decades. Efforts to cooperate on new trade rules in the WTO have gone nowhere, reflecting both the “rise of the rest,” especially China other Asian nations, and ... [  read more  ]

By Bernard M. Hoekman

Co-Director of the research Area “ Global Economics: Trade, Investment and Development ”.



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Deadline:  31st October 2014


Call for Papers

Deadline:  30th November 2014


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