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Local utilities and public services in Europe: challenges and opportunities

FSRtransportLogoThe call for contributions to the upcoming issue of the Network Industries Quarterly dedicated to local utilities and public services is now open. This issue will be the result of the collaboration between Maria Tullia Galanti, Department of Social and Political Sciences - University of Milan, Marco Di Giulio, Department of Political and Social Sciences - University of Bologna, and the Transport Area of the Florence School of Regulation.


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"Reflecting on..."

Trafficking: A Sneaky Challenge in Europe Too


New forms of slavery are shockingly proliferating also in democratic Europe.

If one reads the recently launched report on Severe Labour Exploitation in the EU (2 June 2015), by the Fundamental Rights Agency,  one should feel indignant as, despite little awareness, the phenomenon is sadly widespread.  

Until a few years ago it was believed that trafficking was mainly related to sex work and that slave like labour had been eradicated in Europe. Today there is a growing awareness that unfortunately this is not the case. Trafficking in human beings ...  [read more]

  Anna Triandafyllidou
Director Cultural Pluralism, Global Governance Programme

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