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Methodologies-HighlightsFlorence School of Regulation workshop on grid development projects: a video

The EU needs to invest into developing its energy infrastructure if we want energy to flow from Portugal to Poland and from Finland to Italy. The workshop on 24 October looked at the tools used to decide which projects of grid development are of a common interest for the European energy market. Watch the speakers present their contributions.


Mapping media independence, pluralism and democracy in the EU

Is there real editorial freedom accross EU Member States? Are journalists threatened in their right to freedom of expression? Check out the maps and and learn more about one of the essential prerequisites for any democratic society - Strengthening Journalism in Europe: Tools, Networking, Training (CMPF and Center for Media and Communication Studies).

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Fabio CanovaBanking Union: where are we going?

In October 2014 the ECB has published the results of an almost year-long process in which it went through the books of the 130 so-called Euro zone ‘systemic banks’, measured  the quality of their balance sheet, and tested their capital position to a mild and a severe economic downturn scenario. This is a positive development as the examination constitutes ... [ read more ]

By Fabio Canova

Chair Holder Pierre Werner Chair Programme, RSCAS



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