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2dP3VhX Knocking at the Southern borders of Europe. Migration trends and policies in Greece

Learn more about irregular migration and asylum policies in Greece, a country hit hard by the crisis and by the increasingly unstable geopolitical environment in the region. Read the latest report  by  Professor Anna Triandafyllidou prepared every year for the OECD network of International Migration Experts and published by ELIAMEP   

Polling_Station_2008Comparing Electoral Rights in the EU

Access the EUDO Citizenship Database on Electoral Rights and learn more about the conditions and procedures of access to the franchise in the 28 EU Member States, in 10 types of elections and for 3 categories of persons: citizen residents, non-citizen residents, and non-resident citizens.

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Academy Of Global Governance: Global Value Chains: Policy Implications And Opportunities"

This Executive Training Seminar provides participants with a synthesis of recent developments in / and research on / the organization of global production and trade and the design of economic policies to enhance firm competitiveness and the value-added content of production.




The future of religious education in Europe: the knowledge about religion and religious knowledge in secular societies

The aim of this workshop is to take stock of debates about religious education in Western European public school systems. It will bring together scholars who defend a model of secular education about religion and theologians of different (Catholic, Protestant and Muslim) backgrounds who are experts in confessional religious education in order to engage in a debate about the future of religious education and education about religion in Europe.

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XavierLabandeira A Forward-looking EU Climate Policy

Last spring the Eurobaromoter presented the results of a special survey on the perceptions of EU citizens regarding climate change. Summing up, around half of the Europeans think that climate change is one of the most important problems faced by the world and more than two thirds believe that fighting climate change, promoting energy efficiency and reducing fossil fuel imports (by increasing the share of renewables) will benefit the EU economy ... [  read more  ]

By Xavier Labandeira

Director, CPRU



Call for Papers

Deadline:  31st October 2014


Call for Papers

Deadline:  30th November 2014



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