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Why do people migrate?

ggpThis massive open on line course organised by the Global Governance Programme provides a general introduction to the conditions of refugees, asylum seekers and irregular migrants worldwide, and an overview of the terminology used. The course is based on video-lectures, didactic videos and podcast interviews with international experts. Course starts on 1 March 2016. Enrol now!

Read all about it! Olivier Roy in print.

OlivierRoy90x11Prof Olivier Roy’s latest book has just been translated into Italian. La paura dell’Islam. Conversazioni con Nicolas Truong will be available with the Thursday 11th February edition of the Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera. Read the newspaper interview about the book, jihadists and Islam.

"Reflecting on..."

Dark Clouds over Pluralism and Freedom of Media in Poland

PierLuigiParcu90x110Very bad news for European fundamental values is in the offing from Poland. The Polish President Andrej Duda signed a law that is creating serious concern at both national and European levels. The law was imposed, right after the elections, by the new ruling party, known for its declared Euroscepticism.

The new law places public service media (PSM) – the public service broadcaster TPV and the Polish public Radio – under direct government control.  Moreover, the law dismisses, with immediate effect, all the bodies of the public radio and television and gives the Minister in charge of State Treasury the power to appoint new managers without any check and balance exercise. In particular, the guarantee role ... [read more]


 Pier Luigi Parcu 


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