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11-13 May - Willing to Pay? History, Experiments and Tax Compliance


The Conference brings together a diverse group of scholars and practitioners who will look at the issue of tax compliance and the enormous variation in levels of compliance witnessed around the world. Why do some people willingly pay their taxes and others don’t? Can this variation be explained by different opportunity structures, attitudes towards government, administrative capacities of the state, political cultures or differences in the tax systems themselves? Surely there is not one single answer. Register now!

“Return to your Alma Mater”: Smashing the Glass Ceiling in International Organisations

newshomeThe “Return to your Alma Mater” series returns this spring to explore Smashing the Glass Ceiling in International Organisations. What are the challenges facing women in male dominated working environments? How can international organisations accommodate family life? RSCAS Professor Anna Triandafyllidou quizzes EUI Law PhD alumna Despina Chatzivassiliou, now Head of the Political Affairs and Democracy Department at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. In the podcast, they probe what it means to be a woman working in an international organisation today.

"Reflecting on..."

Researching Middle East conflicts: A better understanding of local and regional dynamics is needed to address challenges in the region and beyond

NarboneLuigiThe Syrian conflict has come to epitomize the state of disorder which affects the Middle East and the risks of spill over to Europe. The UNSC-endorsed ceasefire, which entered into force on 27 February, raises hopes that the Syrian conflict may, at last, enter a new phase which could eventually lead to a political resolution. It would be high time.

The growing military involvement of external actors in support of the various factions has transformed Syria into a battleground for regional and international powers, and is contributing to the shaping of a new regional order. The internationalisation of the conflict has made ... [read more]

 Luigi Narbone
Director, Middle East Directions Programme 



Private Standards—Implications for Trade, Development, and Governance, Vera Helena Thorstensen, Reinhard Weissinger, Xinhua Sun (Publication September 2015) 

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