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The ENTraNCE holds its 2014 Final Workshop

Judges participating in the training present the case-notes and exchange ideas and experience on competition law proceedings and fundamental rights issues with invited judges from national and EU supreme courts. 2-4 October.


Brigid Laffan receives lifetime achievement award

Professor Brigid Laffan, Director of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, has been presented with the UACES Lifetime Achievement Award for her “outstanding record of academic achievement, professional service and public engagement".


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Intolerance Moving Mainstream in Europe? Drivers of Intolerance and How to Foster Change

How can states oppose to expressions of intolerance, fuelled by populist fringe parties, against minorities perceived as a threat to cultural identity and socio-economic security?




FSR Annual Training on Regulation of Energy Utilities - Block I

The objective of the FSR Annual Training on Regulation of Energy Utilities is to provide staff of regulatory authorities, market operators, market monitoring agencies and regulatory divisions of energy companies a comprehensive knowledge of the key energy regulatory principles needed in their professional practice.




Executive Training Seminar on "Comparative Regional Integration Institutions: America, Africa, and Asia"

The purpose of this Executive Training Seminar is to discuss integration schemes on the basis of their own merits, their own goals and their own achievements. Specifically, it focuses on integration in America, Africa, and Asia and the most significant integration schemes in each area.


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PierLuigiParcu The European Digital Single Market: Are We Getting Any Closer?

One of the major targets of the 2020 Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE)  is the establishment of a Digital Single Market for services and entertainment. The DAE sets a number of ambitious goals, but despite the fact that in some areas the EU has been proactive ... [ read more ]

By Pier Luigi Parcu

Area Director "FSR Communications and Media"

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