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The European Agenda on Migration – an opportunity for a real change

MPC-Logo-VerticalIn view of the discussion on the European Agenda on Migration (to be presented on 13 May 2015), researchers of the Migration Policy Centre put forward concrete ideas for action in a series of policy briefs on the main priorities of the Agenda. The briefs aim to serve as a benchmarking framework for four of the major issues addressed: 1) A Common European Asylum System; 2) A new European Policy on Legal Migration, 3) the reform of the EU Blue Card; and 4) Fighting irregular migration and human trafficking more robustly. 

"Reflecting on..."

The EU needs a new narrative on migration. Will the European Agenda on Migration meet the challenge?

Fargues-Philippe90x110The glass seems more empty than full and there are reasons to fear that the European Agenda on Migration released on 13 May will not be up to the migration challenges that Europe faces. The agenda was released in the context of an authentic emergency, with 5,000 migrants drowned in the Mediterranean over the last 12 months. It comes just two days after Ms Mogherini, the High Representative of EU for Foreign Affairs ... [read more]

MPC Policy Briefs on the European Agenda on Migration

  Philippe Fargues
Director, Migration Policy Centre

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