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UN Special Rapporteur on The Challenges of COP21

Jean-Tirole-has-won-the-N-014Could Paris COP21 do better? Nobel Laureate and Professor of Economics at the Toulouse School of Economics, Jean Tirole was interviewed by Jean-Michel Glachant, Director of the Florence School of Regulation, on the UN Climate conference taking place in September.

Recorded at the Tenth Conference on The Economics of Energy and Climate Change, from the Toulouse School of Economics, Toulouse, France. 

Electoral rules and electoral participation in the European elections: the ballot format and structure

EudoLogo78European Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Affairs has just published “Electoral rules and electoral participation in the European elections: the ballot format and structure”, a study by Luciano Bardi and Lorenzo Cicchi whose aim is to assess the feasibility of a harmonisation and “Europeanisation” of the ballots used in the 28 Member States for the election of the European Parliament.

"Reflecting on..."

Jihadist attacks: is closing borders really the answer? 

Fargues-Philippe90x110The 11/13 terrorist attacks that killed 130 and wounded 350 in Paris took place against the backdrop of an unprecedented migrant and refugee crisis with an enormous impact on public opinion. Repercussions on the way Europe responds to this crisis will be inevitable. Closing the country's borders was one of the very first measures that French President François Hollande announced on the night of the attacks. It was later softened into re-imposing systematic controls at national borders, a measure already advocated by a number of European governments. Governments have a duty to guarantee the security of their citizens and ... [read more]

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 Philippe Fargues
Director Migration Policy Centre



Private Standards—Implications for Trade, Development, and Governance, Vera Helena Thorstensen, Reinhard Weissinger, Xinhua Sun (Publication September 2015) 

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