Trying to make it to Europe: Syrian refugees

The flow of Syrian refugees shows no sign of abating. The impact on neighbouring countries and the EU is striking. MPC Director Philippe Fargues discusses dynamics, consequences of the crisis and the rise of the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS).


FSR launches online school on Energy regulation

Follow advanced and introductory courses, personalize your learning pathway through the interactive gallery, and join live debates with key experts on topical issues in energy regulation and policy.

Find out more about the School, read an interview with FSR Coordinator Annika Zorn .

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Current Developments in International and Comparative Insolvency Law: Corporates, Financial Institutions and Sovereigns

Experts discuss what developments there have been since the Toronto 1993 conference and how to go about solving the challenges in insolvency matters today.




Macroeconomic Stability, Banking Supervision and Financial Regulation

The conference will focus on, among others, micro vs. macroprudential supervision; the interaction between monetary policy, microprudential and macroprudential policies; banking structures and reforms; optimal capital requirements early warning indicators for financial stability and stress testing.

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A European Commissioner for Migration?

On 30 June, 45 corpses were found asphyxiated in the hold of a fishing boat that was smuggling 600 migrants and asylum seekers to the shore of Sicily. The Mediterranean has become the most dangerous route to Europe and the Achilles’ heel of its migration system. [  read more ]

By Philippe Fargues,
Director, Migration Policy Centre



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