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Addressing Severe Exploitation: a Critical View of Awareness and Transparency Initiatives 

ggpProfessor Anna Triandafyllidou and Dr Letizia Palumbo are editing a Special Issue on Open Democracy discussing the role of awareness and transparency initiatives in the fight against severe labour exploitation and 'trafficking'. Starting with their introductory article, this series of contributions published on Open Democracy explores a variety of awareness and prevention tools, their current and potential impact and their capacity to effectively undermine the relations of power which give rise to severe labour exploitation.

Summer School for Journalists and Media  Practitioners in the Digital Age

11-15 July 2016 – Florence, Italy

cmpf78x78Building on the successful previous years’ editions, this year’s Summer School will offer the opportunity to around 20 journalists and media practitioners to learn about the latest policy, market and professional trends in the area as well as to share their experiences, ideas and points of view.

Application deadline: 12 June 2016

"Reflecting on..."

Researching Middle East conflicts: A better understanding of local and regional dynamics is needed to address challenges in the region and beyond

NarboneLuigiThe Syrian conflict has come to epitomize the state of disorder which affects the Middle East and the risks of spill over to Europe. The UNSC-endorsed ceasefire, which entered into force on 27 February, raises hopes that the Syrian conflict may, at last, enter a new phase which could eventually lead to a political resolution. It would be high time.

The growing military involvement of external actors in support of the various factions has transformed Syria into a battleground for regional and international powers, and is contributing to the shaping of a new regional order. The internationalisation of the conflict has made ... [read more]

 Luigi Narbone
Director, Middle East Directions Programme 



Private Standards—Implications for Trade, Development, and Governance, Vera Helena Thorstensen, Reinhard Weissinger, Xinhua Sun (Publication September 2015) 



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