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Conference on the Integration of Migrants and Refugees 29-30 September 2016

The Conference addresses the challenges the current crisis poses to the 'traditional' integration mechanisms and processes employed by European countries. These challenges arise from several factors: the unprecedented number of migrants and refugees that have recently entered Europe; the mostly unregulated and uncontrolled nature of this new immigration waves; the burden that this puts on those European countries that have previously had very little experience with immigration and integration, etc.

Focus on Brexit

iStock_91833037_BrexitSince the UK referendum on Brexit, academics from the Schuman Centre have engaged and debated on the meaning and implications of a UK departure from the European Union.

World Trade form 2016 Plenary Sessions Online

The World Trade Forum 2016 edition took place at the European University Institute in Florence on 23 and 24 September. More than a hundred delegates joined the two-day debates on the challenges of  trade in a globalised world, the future prospects for further trade integration, the lessons to be drawn from Brexit and popular mouvements against the TTIP and other policy challenges for global trade. The plenary sessions, that saw the participation of representatives of the European Commission, the World Bank and the UN as well as prominent academics and researchers in this field, are now available online.




Inside wars: local dynamics of conflicts in Syria and Libya, Luigi Narbone, Agnès Favier, Virginie Collombier

For a harmonisation of hydropower regimes in European Single Market, Jean-Michel Glachant, Vincent Rious, Marcelo Saguan, Sébastien Douguet



RSCAS Seminar Series


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