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Research at the Robert Schuman Centre

The subtle distinctions that academics investigate constitute progress in our understanding

Erik Jones

We focus on three research themes

2019 EP elections roundtable

Integration, governance and democracy

The EU is the world’s most developed example of transnational integration; research on the European institutions, governance and democracy has long been at the core of our work.

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Regulating markets and governing money

There are many complex questions about competition policy, the four freedoms, regulatory agencies, the balance between economic, social and environmental interests, and the complexities of regulation in a multi-mode and multi-level context.

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Brigid Laffan Alex Stubb RSCAS Flickr STG

21st Century world politics and Europe

The shifts and shocks of our contemporary international system profoundly affect Europe and its evolution. The rise of China and other newly emerging economies have opened markets for Europe, but have also increased global competition.

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Basic and applied research is the primary focus at the Robert Schuman Centre

We address key questions about the functioning of the European Union and its role in the 21st century

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Schuman seminar series

The Schuman Centre's Seminars are open to all Centre’s members to highlight current work being done at the Centre, including work-in-progress and debates on topical issues.

The sessions alternate between the presentations of research projects of our post-doctoral fellows and presentations and debates with internal and external speakers on a variety of topics. The Schuman Seminar series is coordinated by professors

Monika Baar

David Levine

The first seminar of this academic year will take place on 12 October 2022 and the final one on 10 May 2023.

You can also browse the Seminar Series calendar 2022-2023 

Since 2014 the Robert Schuman Centre honours its first Director, Yves Mény, with its annual lecture to mark the beginning of the academic year and to launch the Schuman Centre's Seminar Series. Yves Mény was the first Director of the Robert Schuman Centre from 1993 to 2001. 

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The Yves Mény annual lectures

Quo Vadis, Europa? Five Paths, Plausibility & Impact | Adrienne Héritier | Yves Mény Lecture 2021

'The EU’s Response to Brexit: Rapid, United and Effective' | Brigid Laffan | Yves Mény Lecture

What the Habsburg Empire got Right and Why it Matters | Pieter M. Judson | Yves Mény Lecture

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Completed projects

The goal of the Centre is to maintain an environment and support structure that fosters intellectual curiosity and excellent research since 1992. Witnessing the Centre's efforts through the years, you can find a list of completed research activities and projects.

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