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Dr. Hannes Kröger

Hannes Kröger is currently a research associate (post-doc) in the SESandHealth project at the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the European University Institute in Florence.

His main research interests are in the analysis of health inequalities in the life course and in methodological problems arising in applied research in social science and health research. In his work, he combines theoretical and methodological approaches from different disciplines such as sociology, social epidemiology, ageing research, or psychology in order to find the best way of explaining social determinants and consequences of health throughout the life course.

He is currently working on the association of trajectories of functional and physical functioning with socioeconomic position in old age in Europe, as well as estimation of similarity in mortality hazard of siblings in Finland and if it can be explained by parental and own socioeconomic position.

In his methodological research, he is currently applying and developing the method of Bayesian Evaluation of Informative Hypotheses for use in sociology. Further, he investigates how different modeling techniques in the research on cumulative advantage in self-reported health measures influence our conclusions about the hypotheses of cumulative advantage versus age-as-leveler.

His teaching is focused on applied statistics for social scientists, including courses on categorical dependent variables, introduction to logistic regression, and multilevel modeling.

Before coming to the EUI, Hannes completed his PhD at the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences at Humboldt University Berlin. The topic of his dissertation was gendered health selection into higher status jobs on the German labor market.

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