Settler Colonialism in Indonesia? Evidence from Transmigration in West Papua

Settler Colonialism in Indonesia? Evidence from Transmigration in West Papua
Presentation by Lachlan Andrew Mcnamee (Max Weber Fellow) on 4 February 2020

Unequal educational trajectories: the case of Ethiopia

Unequal educational trajectories: the case of Ethiopia
Presentation by Ilze Plavgo on 21 January 2020

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The Comparative Life Course and Inequality Research Centre (CLIC) studies changes of life courses and their consequences on social inequality in modern societies. It is part of the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the European University Institute.

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Bucca, Mauricio and Daniela Urbina. “Lasso regularization for selection of log-linear models: an application to educational assortative mating”, Forthcoming in Sociological Methods and Research. 2019 Clifford Clogg Best Paper award from the American Sociological Association’s section on Methodology.

Molina, Mario, Mauricio Bucca and Michael Macy. 2019. “It’s not just how the game is played, it’s whether you win or lose”, Science Advances. Vol. 5, no. 7.  Media coverage: New York Times, Washington Post, New Scientist, Science Daily, Cornell Chronicle and others.  





Events & Projects & Collaborations 

  • PopFest2020 - the 28th Annual Population Postgraduate Conference, Florence, 22-24 June 2020
  • CRITEVENTS is Norface-funded consortium of five universities that studies the impact of two critical life events - job loss and union dissolution - on the life trajectories of adults and their children. See more
  • TECHNEQUALITY - Technological inequality – understanding the relation between recent technological innovations and social inequalities. See more



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Gender and Education in Germany

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