The EUI offers Ph.D. programmes in its four departments of Economics, History and Civilization, Law, and Political and Social Sciences, and an LL.M. programme in Comparative, European and International Laws. 

The Max Weber Programme for Postdoctoral Studies was launched by the EUI in 2006. It combines research with advanced academic training in the multi-disciplinary environment of the EUI. This highly competitive Programme is entirely funded by the European Union and hosts over 60 Fellows from around the world each year.

The Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies has been conducting high-level research on the dynamics of European integration and Europe’s role in the world for more than 25 years. The Centre hosts numerous programmes and projects, many of which are financed with external funds. The activities of the Centre form a bridge between the EUI and national and European institutions; between theoretical and applied research; and between academia and the world of practice.

Launched in autumn 2017, the remit of the School of Transnational Governance (STG) is to analyse and discuss the problems of governance beyond the limits of the state, and to teach the skills required for policy-making in an increasingly transnational context. The School will launch a Masters programme in Transnational Governance in 2020.

Latest News
EUI alumna delivers Max Weber Lecture

EUI alumna delivers Max Weber Lecture

Professor Nadia Urbinati, political theorist and alumna of the EUI's SPS Department, returned to campus to deliver the first Max Weber Lecture of 2020.

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