Departments and Centres

The European University Institute has four Departments—Economics, History and Civilization, Law, and Political and Social Sciences. In addition, the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies was set up as a complementary research initiative within the EUI.

Faculty are recruited from all countries of the European Union and beyond and constitute a large corpus of expertise from different academic backgrounds. Interdisciplinary cooperation is encouraged throughout the Institute's Departments and Centres.


The Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

The Centre carries out high-quality interdisciplinary and comparative research on major issues in the process of integration and European society. It collaborates with centres of research excellence, provides opportunities for young scholars working in its core areas, and promotes dialogue with the world of practice.


Teaching is based on formal, high-level coursework in microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, and research methodology.

The Department also offers advanced and specialized graduate courses, depending on the interests of the current faculty. 

History and Civilization

The Department takes a transnational and comparative approach to the history of Europe from the medieval period to the present day.

It is committed to integrating national historiographies into a broader European perspective in both methodological and thematic contexts.

Latest News
Deirdre Curtin awarded honorary doctorate

Deirdre Curtin awarded honorary doctorate

Professor Deirdre Curtin, Head of the Law Department and Professor of European Law at EUI, will be conferred with an honorary doctorate by the University of Copenhagen this week.
Italy Amends Site Agreement with EUI to Include Palazzo Buontalenti

Italy Amends Site Agreement with EUI to Include Palazzo Buontalenti

Italy signs addendum to Site Agreement granting the EUI use of Palazzo Buontalenti.

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