The Future of the European Constitutional Treaty and Scenarios for Overcoming the Current Situation


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This project is carried out in collaboration with the Institute for European Studies of the San Pablo-CEU University and the Fondation Rafael del Pino.



Co-directed by:

José María Beneyto (CEU)

 Jacques Ziller (EUI-RSCAS)



  • To identify and evaluate innovations
    Identifying innovations, values and/or improvements to the text of the Constitutional Treaty and in the process of its elaboration and evaluating which of these innovations could be carried out within the framework of the Treaties currently in force and which could not be carried out were the Constitutional Treaty not to come into force.
    The project will calculate the relative loss generated by the non-coming into force of innovations in terms of efficacy, democracy and legitimacy, transparency and citizen proximity, visibility and the strengthening of the European Union’s role internationally.
    This will allow us to evaluate the consequences of the non-coming into force of the constitutional text (the ‘cost of no constitution’), and therefore the cost of keeping the Community Treaties in force as they currently stand.
  • To present options for overcoming the crisis
    The project will reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of each possible scenario that the Union could face in the wake of the constitutional crisis.

Executive summary

Download the Executive summary from CEU  [ pdf, 494KB, 35 pages]

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