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Robert Schuman Centre

Research on the major challenges facing Europe and the World


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Meet the full-time professors of the Robert Schuman Centre

About us

The Robert Schuman Centre is an inter-disciplinary research centre at the heart of the European University Institute (EUI). It was established in 1993 with the goal of developing cutting-edge, academic research and using that research to engage with a wide variety of stakeholders in the public and private sector.

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Executive Coordinator

From energy regulation to migration, from media pluralism to banking and finance

Our nine research programmes address the key questions facing the European Union and its global role through both basic and policy-oriented research.

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Jurova x Policy Dialogue

Policy dialogue and training

A core objective of our mission is to engage actively with the world of practice through policy dialogue and executive training. We organise workshops, seminars and restricted roundtables, as well as executive training courses for academics and policy-makers. Some of our programmes have developed executive training courses in various niche areas, notably, banking and finance, regulation, media and communication and the judicial sphere.

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Video Highlights

Voices - Festival of Journalism and Media Literacy

Feminist Political Economy of War and Peace | Aida A. Hozić | Ursula Hirschmann Lecture 2023

The Schuman Centre Research Agenda - Erik Jones

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