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Crowding out | Rohit Ticku

Research Fellow Rohit Ticku addresses the concept of 'crowding out', which refers to the phenomena where government spending discourages private spending and investment.

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What is the status of transnational solidarity in Europe?

Are Europeans solidaristic with citizens from other countries in times of crisis? The EUI-YouGov ‘Solidarity in Europe’ (SiE) project addresses this and other questions, and in the second annual data dissemination conference gathered scholars from all across Europe to discuss them.

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How prepared is the EU to tackle the energy crisis?

"The energy policy field is central to our society, central to people having heating and electricity, which are necessary parts of life. But it is also essential to our economies, fairness, competitiveness and essential for our fight against climate change" - Ditte Juul Jørgensen

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From energy regulation to migration, from media pluralism to banking and finance

Our nine research programmes address the key questions facing the European Union and its global role through both basic and policy-oriented research.

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A core objective of our mission is to engage actively with the world of practice through policy dialogue and executive training. We organise workshops, seminars and restricted roundtables, as well as executive training courses for academics and policy-makers. Some of our programmes have developed executive training courses in various niche areas, notably, banking and finance, regulation, media and communication and the judicial sphere.

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European solidarity and the war in Ukraine | Dietlind Stolle

Schuman Shelf with Olivier Roy - L' Aplatissement du monde (The Flattening of the World)

Roundtable: Climate neutrality & the new energy order: is carbon pricing up to the twin challenge?

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