AR-2018 picture coverThe Robert Schuman Centre Annual Report 2018 is out. More information in the appendices

Don't miss the launch of the Schuman Centre's Seminar Series the Yves Mény lecture  'What the Habsburg Empire got Right' and Why it Matters" by Professor Pieter M. Judson on 25 September.  

The European Commission 2019-2024 intends to use the Media Pluralism Monitor (MPM) to help safeguard media freedom in the European Union. Congratulations to our colleagues at the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF), who developed this important tool for democracy.

The new academic year 2019/2020 has started! Click here and get to know our new fellows.

Our Voting Advice Application euandi2019, developed in collaboration with the University of Luzern, reached a record number of 1.28 million users.

The Schuman Shorts is a new one-minute video series, where academics explain a concept related to their research.  

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Focus on Brexit: our academics engage and debate on the meaning and implications of a UK departure from the EU. 

RSCAS Seminar Series


(8 September 2019) The Conflict Between Brazilian Sovereignty and Saving the Planet, by Jean Pisani-Ferry, published on The Business Post

(6 September) Europe Can Only Watch and Wait as Brexit Drama Plays Out, by Brigid Laffan, published on The Irish Times

(2 September 2019) Dousing the Sovereignty Wildfire, by Jean Pisani-Ferry, published on Project Syndicate

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