Do you already know which party to vote for in the upcoming European Elections? euandi2019 will help you to find the perfect match!

Take a look at the Focus on the European Elections 2019 website and read the special edition of ‘EP Elections Policy Papers’. 

Watch our State of the Union 2019 panels. Click here and find all recordings online. 

Join us for the Migration Policy Centre Annual Conference on 23-24 May, which will focus on the relationships between knowledge production, attitudes and governance on migration between Africa and Europe. 

Read the article on the JCMS Annual Review 2019 Lecture delivered by Brigid Laffan on ‘How The EU 27 Came To Be’ on 4 April in Brussel. 

Have a look at our Schuman Shorts: a new one-minute video series, where academics explain a concept related to their research.  

The World Trade Forum 2019 Call for Papers on the topic 'International Economic Dispute Settlement: Demise or Transformation' is open. Submission deadline: 31 May. This year's event will be held in Bern on 25 and 26 October 2019.

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Focus on Brexit: our academics engage and debate on the meaning and implications of a UK departure from the EU. 

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(20 May 2019) Corruption and Populism Are the West's Weaknesses, Not Moscow’s Invention, by Mark Galeotti, published on The Moscow Times

(13 May 2019) Illiberali e Fascisti Indossano Abiti Nuovi, ma Restano degli Estremisti, by Andrea Mammone, published on Huffington Post

(30 April 2019) La lega, i Libri e il Fascismo, by Andrea Mammone, published on La Quarta Repubblica

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