The World Trade Forum plenary sessions can be viewed on YouTube here.

Igor Tkalec, GlobaStat research associate with us was awarded the Pierre Werner Scholarship by the Fondation Pierre Werner in Luxembourg.  His research project analyses the effect of EU economic-fiscal policy coordination under the European Semester on socially favourable outcomes.

 The Global Governance and Politics Programme hosts five COVID19-related projects on topics such as the role of the European Parliament in the crisis, the impact of social media on political attitudes and more.

Focus on Brexitour academics engage and debate on the meaning and implications of the UK departure from the EU.

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Opinions & Blogs

(23/09/2020): Another Peace Treaty that will not Bring Peace to the Middle East, blogpost by Georges Fahmi, published on the MEDirections blog

(23/09/2020): Getting Married (and Divorced): An article on (De)linking Emissions Trading Schemes, blogpost by Tong Zhu, published of the Life Dicet blog

(18/09/2020) A funding strategy for EU own resources reform, blog post by Clemens Fuest and Jean Pisani-Ferry, published on the EUIdeas Blog 

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