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James Kneebone during the recording of his Schuman Short on Renewable hydrogen

Renewable hydrogen | James Kneebone

James Kneebone introduces the concept of 'renewable hydrogen', a clean alternative to replace the hydrogen derived from fossil fuels, which produces CO2 emissions.

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Emotional communication | James Dennison

What makes communication effective? How can topics be communicated in a way that allows to meet contemporary policy objectives? Learn more about emotional communication in our new Schuman Short with James Dennison.

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12 June 2023

Seminar series

Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

Wasted years

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From energy regulation to migration, from media pluralism to banking and finance

Our nine research programmes address the key questions facing the European Union and its global role through both basic and policy-oriented research.

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Our community

The Schuman Centre is home to a large community of professors, fellows, researchers as well as practitioners

Every year we welcome Jean Monnet Fellows, Max Weber Fellows, Marie Curie Fellows, EP and EU Fellows and Visiting Fellows. We also welcome regularly participants to our executive trainings and summer schools.

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Jurova x Policy Dialogue

Policy dialogue and training

A core objective of our mission is to engage actively with the world of practice through policy dialogue and executive training. We organise workshops, seminars and restricted roundtables, as well as executive training courses for academics and policy-makers. Some of our programmes have developed executive training courses in various niche areas, notably, banking and finance, regulation, media and communication and the judicial sphere.

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Video Highlights

European solidarity and the war in Ukraine | Dietlind Stolle

Schuman Short on Energy security with Marzia Sesini

How EU taxes can increase citizens' support for the EU

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