The Robert Schuman Centre May/June Newsletter: Focus on Covid-19 is out now

Daniele Caramani has been appointed as Ernst B. Haas Chair in European Governance and Politics from 1 September 2020

24/06/2020: The Jury Is Still Out on Europe’s Religious Future, a review of Olivier Roy's book 'Is Europe Christian?' by Thomas Albert Howard, published on Christianity Today

The Global Governance Programme SIRIUS Project has launched an app called WORKEEN to help migrants, asylum seekers and refugees gain access to the job market.

The Robert Schuman Centre Annual Report 2019 is available

Focus on Brexitour academics engage and debate on the meaning and implications of the UK departure from the EU.

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(20/06/2020): La postérité du plan de relance européen sera une affaire d’exécution, oped by Jean Pisani-Ferry published on Le Monde 

(03/06/2020): Mayotte : comment la France a fragmenté le droit de la nationalité, oped by Nina Sahraoui, published on The Conversation

(13/05/2020): Opera Singers: the Elite Migrants Trapped in Italy, oped by Irina Isaakyan, published on Open Democracy

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