Registration is open for Covid19 and Systemic Resilience: What Role for Migrant Workers?,  Mig.Res.Hub Launch Conference on 09 November by the Migration Policy Centre 

The next Migration Policy Centre webinar will be on 21 October, dealing with Development Aid & Migration: Unexplored Dimensions and Latest Research Findings. The webinar will also be livestreamed on YouTube.

The European Commission mentions the Media Pluralism Monitor 2020 as ‘an important source’ for its Report on the Rule of Law.

The World Trade Forum plenary sessions can be viewed on YouTube here.  

 The Global Governance and Politics Programme hosts five COVID19-related projects on topics such as the role of the European Parliament in the crisis, the impact of social media on political attitudes and more.

Focus on Brexitour academics engage and debate on the meaning and implications of the UK departure from the EU.

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Opinions & Blogs

(29/10/2020): Snap Back to Reality: Saad Hariri Returns as Lebanon’s PM, blogpost by May Tamimova, published on the MEDirections blog

(29/10/2020): Globalization Needs Rebuilding, Not Just Repair, oped by Jean Pisani-Ferry, published on Project Syndicate

(17/10/2020): «Ce serait faire prendre un grand risque à la lutte pour le climat que de vouloir mettre la croissance à l’arrêt», oped by Jean Pisani-Ferry, published on Le Monde (in French)

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Page last updated on 30 October 2020