A project started last September 2019, LIFE DICET supports EU and Member State policymakers in cooperating for the development and possible integration of carbon markets. Read their latest blog.

The Migration Policy Centre's Observatory of Public Attitudes to Migration (OPAM) has created a new web tool that allows to see the effect of diverse factors on attitudes to immigration, the OPAM Scientific Hub.

Apply for the Migration Policy Centre's 16th Migration Summer School: Migration and Mobility in an Era of Contention.

Read about The EU’s response to the Climate Emergency: The Green Deal.

The 'Conversations for the Future of Europe' re-started on 11 February! The next Conversation will be on April 14.

Focus on Brexitour academics engage and debate on the meaning and implications of the UK departure from the EU.

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(10 February 2020): Ireland Election: Sinn Féin Arrives as the Third Force in Irish Politics, by Brigid Laffan, published on the Political Studies Association Blog

(28 January): Explaining the Triumph of Trump’s Economic Recklessness, by Jean Pisani-Ferry published on Project Syndicate

(25 January): Du bon usage du Brexit, by Jean Pisani-Ferry originally published on Le Monde

(3 January): Services trade policies and economic integration: New evidence for developing countries, by Bernard Hoekman and Ben Shepherd published on Vox EU

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