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Info on academic careers by country, discipline and theme

About ACO

The Academic Careers Observatory (ACO) is an initiative of the Max Weber Programme.

Careers by country

Academic careers differ from country to country in both form and content.

Career Comparisons

Comparing key aspects of the academic career to obtain a clearer view of the differences and similarities between countries and across disciplines.

Careers by Discipline

Academic careers differ between countries, and across disciplines. See the following pages for info on your discipline

Europe and Research

Career Tips

Job market experience, Applying for grants and jobs, Being interviewed, Publishing, Teaching.

Job & Funding Resources

Click for a selection of job-search resources, links and descriptions for job databases and funding resources on the internet.


In recent years higher education and the academic work environment have become a well-debated area and ever more research is being done in this field

ACO Events

The ACO Conferences

Each year, the MWP-ACO Conferences provide a forum for reflection, analysis and debate on the current state of the 'European Research and Higher Education Area', taking into account, in particular, the perspective of young researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

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Max Weber Book Roundtable with Prof. Vivien Schmidt (Boston University)

This volume examines the interrelationship between democratic legitimacy at the European level and the ongoing Eurozone crisis that began in 2010.

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Language, Gender and Communication in the Multilingual Mediterranean

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What role for the European Parliament in the COVID-19 crisis?

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