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Visitors at the EUI

Visiting Fellows

Each Department, Centre and Programme considers requests for visiting fellowships, usually in November for the academic year starting the following September.

Visiting Fellows are not entitled to secretarial help but where possible a desk or workspace will be allocated. Access to EUI facilities such as the Library, seminars, email and the canteens is granted.


Visiting and Exchange Students

Researchers registered in a doctoral programme at another university may be appointed as Visting Students at the EUI and can be admitted for visits of up to six months. Visits of 6-10 months must be approved by the Entrance Board.

Visiting or Exchange Students must be entirely self-financing as the EUI has no funds to support such visits.

Visiting Students are assigned to a temporary supervisor chosen from among current departmental faculty. They have access rights to the Library, seminars, and the canteen for the period of their stay.

Visiting Students can apply to the Ph.D. programme during the academic year of their stay at the EUI but should note that they have to prepare their application independently and cannot ask EUI faculty for advice on their application.

Some Departments have formal exchange programmes for visiting studentships with a number of institutions in Europe and the USA.  


How to apply as Visiting Fellows and Visiting Students 


Short-Term Visitors

Visits of up to one month can be arranged more informally, only the support of a current professor in the Department is required. Short-Term visitors have access to the Library, seminars and canteen, but are not allocated a desk or office facilities.


External Library Users

The Departments, Centres and Programmes do not admit visitors whose sole purpose is to consult the Library. For Library consultation see Library access policy for external users. External Library Users will not be considered as Visiting Fellows or Visiting Students, and are not entitled to attend seminars.  

Page last updated on 17 August 2017

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