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Department of History

We investigate the global, comparative, and transnational history of Europe since 1400


Professors, fellows, Ph.D. researchers and administrative staff of the Department

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Global, comparative, and transnational approaches to the history of Europe in the world since 1400.

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30 May 2022


Department of History

Queer Pedagogies

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Summer School

Global and Transnational History: What is European History in the 21st Century?

How can European History illuminate the global and transnational dynamics which have shaped the lives of differently situated Europeans?

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VIDEO: Three-minute presentations of Ph.D. research topics

War for Sale in the Nineteenth Century: a study of Peninsular War veterans' memoirs - Matilda Greig

Spiritual Empire: Spanish Diplomacy and Latin America in the 1920s - Gaël Sánchez Cano

National responses to internal displacement and sovereignty - Ileana Dana Nicolau

Department of History

Villa Salviati

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