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EUI Health, Safety and Security

The EUI is continually working to improve working conditions complying with appropriate occupational health and safety and security standards.

The EUI considers the fundamental right of the members of its community to working conditions which respect their health, safety, and dignity.

Furthermore, the EUI has in place standard security measures, alert states, and management of crisis situations to provide appropriate levels of protection for physical integrity of persons, premises or other assets commensurate with identified risks, and ensuring efficient and timely delivery of security.

Please refer to the following sections for further information on OHS & security matters at the EUI and remember: health, safety and security at work concern us ALL!

Further information

Emergencies / Useful contacts

Risk levels according to alert state

Alert states are assigned to the EUI premises following a risk level assessment. Please referto theEUI Security Policy for additional details.

  • White Risk Level

    No particular threat or incident has been identified. Standard security measures are in place.

  • Yellow Risk Level

    Threats are made or an incident occurs that may have an adverse effect on the EUI. Business as usual with stricter security measures in place.

  • Orange Risk Level

    Threats are made aimed specifically at the EUI; no definite target or time has been identified. Working conditions curtailed and security measures in place.

  • Red Risk Level

    Threats of an imminent attack are made aimed specifically at the EUI.

Emergency Plan

EUI Emergency Response Team

Page last updated on 24/06/2024

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