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Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is appointed by the Academic Council upon nomination of the Principal to provide advice and guidance to the academic community at the EUI on all matters pertaining to academic / research ethics and to confirm - where needed - to external parties ethical compliance of research projects on behalf of the EUI.

All EUI scholars, including doctoral researchers, are bound by the EUI Code of Ethics in Academic Research as well as all other academic codes and regulations. Consultation and involvement of the EUI Ethics Committee is always voluntary and the Committee is only convened at the explicit request of scholars needing an assessment of the ethical dimensions of a research project. Such requests typically emerge as a condition imposed either by the funder of a research project or by a publisher.

There is no mandatory requisite for doctoral researchers to receive an ethics clearance from the EUI Ethics Committee for the field work related to their thesis.

A second role of the Ethics Committee is to be involved in procedures of  investigation of research misconduct set by the Code of Ethics in academic research.

Functions of the Ethics Committee

  • to provide advice and guidance to the EUI academic community on all matters pertaining to academic research ethics;
  • to advise the Academic Council on compliance with the ‘Code of Ethics in Academic Research’ of the various academic activities at the EUI;
  • to provide guidance and academic support to scholars on ethical issues in respect of teaching, research and other academic activities On an entirely voluntary basis, researchers may ask the Ethics Committee for consultation on ethical aspects of their research;
  • to confirm to external parties on behalf of the EUI compliance with ethical standards in respect of research projects undertaken by scholars at the EUI. The Committee is only convened at the explicit request of scholars needing an assessment of the ethical dimensions of a research project;
  • to advise the Executive Committee and the Academic Council of any policies that may be required in relation to accepting funds from particular sponsors of research;
  • to act as an investigative/consultative body for any disputed matter concerning research ethics and conduct to make recommendations to the internal EUI Disciplinary Committee on what action, if any, should be taken as a result of the investigations.

Composition of the Ethics Committee

The Committee shall be composed of six voting members:

  • two Professors from different departments
  • two Post-Doctoral Fellows from different fellowship programmes
  • the Dean of Graduate Studies
  • one Researcher proposed by the Researchers’ Representatives

In case of conflict of interests members of the Ethics Committee shall be temporarily replaced by substitutes nominated by the Principal.

The Chair is approved by consensus among members and has a casting vote.

Current composition - Committee Members:

  • Prof. Michèle Belot (Faculty)
  • Prof. Corinna Unger (Faculty)
  • Prof. Martin Scheinin (Dean)
  • Dr. Richard Maher (RSCAS Fellow)
  • Dr. Akisato Suzuki (MWP Fellow)
  • Mr. Patrice Wangen (SPS)
  • Advisor to the Committee: Dr. Günter Wilms, Legal Advisor in his capacity of Data Protection Officer.


  • Dr. Fatma Sayed (Academic Service)


The members’ mandate is for two years – renewable once.



Page last updated on 20 February 2018