Research at the EUI

Interdisciplinary, International, Innovative.

We ask fundamental questions about human society and investigate complex, real-world problems.

Intellectual creativity and debate thrive at the EUI through collaborative projects, workshops and webinars, conferences and outreach events, and summer schools and executive training.

Our research embraces interdisciplinary, comparative or contextual approaches, and many of our initiatives have a specifically European perspective.

Interdisciplinary Research Clusters

Cross-campus interdisciplinary research that focuses on five interrelated themes of high societal interest: Democracy, Environment, Inequality, Technological Change and the Crisis of Expertise.

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The Schuman Centre

Basic and applied research addresses key questions about the functioning of the European Union and its global role. Our nine programmes cover areas from energy regulation to migration, from media pluralism to global governance.

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Covid-19 Knowledge Hub

The Covid-19 Knowledge Hub pools analysis and policy proposals based on in-house expertise and from our extensive networks, to address the pandemic’s profound implications for the world.

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EUI Research Repository

Scholarly publications and research data produced by our researchers, faculty, fellows and associated scholars include special thematic collections and over 1,000 EUI theses.

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Research across the EUI

Research activities at the EUI comprise individual and collaborative projects, workshops, summer schools and conferences, and public data platforms.

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Dean of Research

Federico Romero

Our research strategy promotes interaction between EUI scholars at all career levels and policymakers the world over to make lasting contributions to research and policy agendas. We encourage early-stage researchers to reach their full potential through challenging instruction, clear performance standards and high-quality support.

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Featured publication

Salafi politics and the struggle for the Libyan state

This study of post-2011 Libya counters the idea of a fault line between ‘political’ and ‘apolitical’ Salafis and unpacks the two groups’ strategies to deal with state institutions.

Virginie Collombier

Over to you: EUI community members present their work

Schuman Shelf #6 - The European Central Bank between the Financial Crisis and Populisms

Schuman short: Shadow Democracy

Schuman Shelf #5 - Governing Migration Beyond the State



Why now? Explaining non-black participation in the BLM protests of 2020

Andreas Wimmer, a Fernand Braudel Fellow at the EUI, has been studying the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. In the tense days before the conviction in Minneapolis of a white police officer for the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, we asked Professor Wimmer about his findings to date.

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Survival Governance: An interview with Law Professor Peter Drahos

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The MEDirections Libya Initiative | Goals and Components

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Pandemic-era travel restrictions are not affecting everyone equally

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