Anthony Molho

Molho-defEmeritus Professor

Fields of research

  • The history of Europe – from the Middle Ages to the present
  • History of state and administration
  • Historiography
  • Mediterranean history

Current research projects

  • Rethinking/rewriting the history of Europe
  • History of historical thinking and writing
  • The early history of European states
  • The Renaissance

Selected publications

  • “Michael Baxandall’s Episodes. A Memorybook. Rhetoric, Remembering, and the Pleasure of Narration,” in La forza delle incertezze. Dialoghi storiografici oìcon Jacques Revel, a cura di Antonella Romano e Silvia Sebastiani (Bologna, 2016), 187-210.
  • “Besuch in Deutschland: Paul Oskar Kristeller in America,” I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance (19, 2) 2016, 427-467.
  • Ετεροδοξία, Πειθάρχηση, Απόκρυψη στις απαρχές των Νεοτέρων χρόνων. Αναστοχασμοί για μια ευρωπαϊκή παράδοση  (Dissent, Discipline, Dissimulation in Early Modern Europe. Reflections on a European Tradition.) (Athens, The National Research Institute, 2014).
  • “Hans Baron’s Crisis,” in Florence and Beyond Culture, Society and Politics in Renaissance Italy. Essays in Honour of John M. Najemy. Edited by David S. Peterson with Daniel E. Bornstein (Toronto University Press, 2008), 61-90.
  • Firenze nel Quattrocento, 2 vols. (Roma, 2006-2008).
  • (edited with Diogo Curto), "Les Réseaux Marchands à l’Epoque Moderne", Annales, 58 (2003).
  • (co-editor with Gordon Wood), Imagined Histories. American Historians Interpret the Past (Princeton University Press, 1998).

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