Luisa Passerini

Passerini2017-100x120 Emeritus Professor


Fields of research

  • Cultural history, with particular attention to oral and visual memory
  • History of subjectivity, including forms of European identity
  • Gender and generations
  • Diasporic subjectivities
  • Art’s contributions to the socio-historical disciplines

Recent research project


Selected publications

  • Torino operaia e fascismo. Roma-Bari: Laterza, 1984 (Fascism in Popular MemoryThe Cultural Experience of the Turin Working Class. Translated by Robert Lumley and Jude Bloomfield. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987).
  • Storia e soggettività. Le fonti orali, la memoria. Firenze: La Nuova Italia, 1988.
  • Storie di donne e femministe. Torino: Rosenberg & Sellier, 1991.
  • Autoritratto di gruppo. Firenze: Giunti, 1988 (Autobiography of a Generation. Italy 1968. Wesleyan Hanover-London: University Press, 1996); Italian revised edition, 2008.
  • Europe in Love, Love in Europe. Imagination and Politics in Britain between the Wars.London: Tauris, 1999.
  • Il mito d’Europa. Radici antiche per nuovi simboli. Firenze: Giunti, 2002.
  • Memory and Utopia. The Primacy of Intersubjectivity.London:Equinox, 2007.
  • Women and Men in Love: European Identities in the Twentieth Century. Oxford-New York: Berghahn, 2012. 

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