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Marta Cartabia (Ph.D. 1993)

Marta CartabiaJudge of the Italian Constitutional Court

Testimonial interview on the EUI YouTube channel

'Life in the Law Department was always very rich, especially for the institutional programme of workshops and seminars. Usually, during the Ph.D. years, a researcher is tempted to spend all their time on his/her topic of research, and this is not possible at the EUI, because there are so many interesting opportunities to take part in seminars that you are really invited not to stay only on your research project. It was also a very challenging period because I was forced to broaden my mind, to open it to different experiences, different languages, and a different approach to the study of Law. I discovered a new world about Law and that was very important for me and made me really fond of the work that I was doing here'

Ekaterina Rousseva (Ph.D. 2008)

European Commission, DG COMP

'Researchers at the EUI enjoy the freedom to explore and develop their own thinking whilst benefitting from the expert advice of the most knowledgeable academics in EU law. A wide range of interdisciplinary seminars, traineeships at European institutions and academic exchange programmes are only some of the many advantages that the EUI offers. Having been an EUI researcher one has the confidence to pursue a promising career in the academic world, the European institutions or in legal practice'

Jorge Godinho (Ph.D. 2006)

Jorge GodinhoAssistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Macau  

'The EUI is unique in its ability to produce academics and researchers with a truly international, European and comparative outlook, who are fully equipped and best prepared for the challenges of the globalized world in which we live. In a time where borders are disappearing and various traditions and legal cultures are increasingly forced to face each other, the EUI is the ideally positioned melting pot.'

Amalia Amaya Navarro (Ph.D. 2006)

Amalia Amaya NavarroInstitute of Philosophical Research

National Autonomous University of Mexico

Dr. Amaya received the 2008 European Award for the Best Doctoral Dissertation in Legal Theory by the European Academy of Legal Theory for her Ph.D. thesis 'An Inquiry into the Nature of Coherence and Its Role in Legal Argument'

'At the Institute one finds not only academic and financial support, but also a friendly atmosphere and a very supportive personal environment. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity of doing my Ph.D. there.'

Robert Schütze (Ph.D. 2005)

Robert SchuetzeLecturer in Law, Durham University

Dr. Robert Schütze has been awarded the 2008 Premio 'Obiettivo Europa' of the Rotary Club Firenze-Nord for his Ph.D. thesis 'From Dual to Cooparative Federalism: The Changing Structure of the Legislative Function in the European Union'

'The EUI is a unique place to undertake doctoral studies, with a formidable academic faculty, a wide postgraduate community, stimulating seminars and conferences that provide an invaluable intellectual background to writing a successful thesis. The academic excellence and impressive output make the EUI a leading research centre on European issues. It is the perfect place to set the foundations for an academic career.'

Andreas R. Ziegler (LL.M. 1993)

Andres R. ZieglerVice Dean and Professor of Law at the Law Faculty of the University of Lausanne, Formerly Head of international legal affairs at the Swiss Ministry of Economics, Bern and Senior Counsel at the EFTA Secretariat, Geneva

'My time at the Law Department of the EUI allowed me to complete my education with the necessary skills to engage in a career in government, international organizations and academia. The international spirit of the place and the chance to interact with a carefully selected group of promising lawyers at an early stage of their career are assets that makes the EUI unique'


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