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Emergence of network effects and predictability in the judicial system

Posted on 04 March 2021

Giovanni Sartor, Urška Šadl, and Malcolm Langford (University of Oslo) are pleased to invite you to the online event "Emergence of network effects and predictability in the judicial system"
Presentation by Henrik Palmer Olsen (University of Copenhagen)
Discussant: Fabien Tarissan (CNRS-Paris/ Paris-Saclay University)
Moderator: Raphaële Xenidis (University of Copenhagen)

As courts strive to simultaneously remain self-consistent and adapt to new legal challenges, a complex network of citations between decided cases is established. Using network science methods to analyze the underlying patterns of citations between cases can help us understand the large-scale mechanisms which shape the judicial system. Here, we use the case-to-case citation structure of the Court of Justice of the European Union to examine this question. Using a link-prediction model, we show that over time the complex network of citations evolves in a way which improves our ability to predict new citations. Investigating the factors which enable prediction over time, we find that the content of the case documents plays a decreasing role, whereas both the predictive power and significance of the citation network structure itself show a consistent increase over time.
Finally, our analysis enables us to validate existing citations and recommend potential citations for future cases within the court.

The event will take place via Zoom and registration is mandatory. Please register here:


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