people newSince the first doctorates were awarded 30 years ago, the Department of Political and Social Sciences has grown to be one of the largest and most renowned centres for comparative political and social research in Europe.

Each year close to 40 researchers are admitted to the doctoral programme, and some 12-15 postdoctoral fellows are admitted to the Max Weber Programme.

The Department funds a small number of senior Braudel Fellows, and hosts a variety of visiting postdoctoral or senior Fellows, including a large number of Marie Curie Fellows. Other postdoctoral scholars link to the Department from their positions as Jean Monnet Fellows in the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS).

Together with a full-time faculty of around 15 professors, this adds to a total of over 200 research scholars, making it one of the largest scholarly communities of its kind in Europe. It is also an increasingly diverse community, with the broadening of the remit and focus of the EUI to include the new member states resulting in a gradual spreading of nationalities in the composition of the applications for doctoral and postdoctoral positions. 

This growing diversity is very welcome, particularly insofar as many of the new nationals come not only from the new member states, but also from further afield, including the Mediterranean area (funded by Italian government scholarships), and Latin America (funded by Spanish government scholarships). 

Page last updated on 30 March 2021

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