The EUI has currently one of the most important doctoral programmes for the social sciences in Europe. Successful candidates from all the EU Member States, Associate States and non-EU countries come to Florence to study for a Ph.D. in the Department of Political and Social Sciences.

Whenever I go to a major international conference... it seems that about half of the people in the room have been at the EUI either as researchers, fellows or faculty. What more can you say to show that the EUI is simply one of the leading institutions in its field. 
Thomas Poguntke (Ph.D. 1989 and Professor of Political Science)


Researchers' Representatives

  • Anna Savolainen 
  • Inês Duarte 
  • Sergi Martinez 
  • Mirko Wegemann

Contact the Reps at SPS Rep




Page last updated on 04 February 2021

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