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Research Working Group on the Future of Welfare States

Welfare states and welfare state politics are undergoing significant change. This research group focuses on: changing social needs and preferences – including changing patterns of inequality – that might produce pressures for welfare state recalibration; changing patterns of social solidarity and support for redistribution or other welfare state “attitudes”, the new electoral and party politics of the welfare state; public policy and governance analyses of welfare states. We meet each second and third trimester.

If you would like to join the Research Working Group on the Future of Welfare States to contribute as a presenter or as a participant in the discussions, please sign up for our group using this link. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Organizers: Ellen Immergut, Anton Hemerijck, Tamara Popic and Stefano Ronchi

Administration: Adele Battistini

List of events 2019

January 15th 17:00│18:30: 

Diana Burlacu & Andra Roescu: Public Responsiveness and the 2006 Dutch Private Health Insurance Reform. Discussant: Morgan Le Corre Juratic. Diana Burlacu &Tamara Popic: Healthcare Satisfaction in the Context of Austerity: Portugal and Ireland Compared. Discussant: Daniel Fernandes

February 12th 17:00│18:30

Emmanuele Pavolini: The Immigrant Penalty in Childcare Use: an Empirical Exploration for 22 European Countries. Discussant: Juho Härkönen

March 12th 17:00│18:30

Marcello Natili: The Politics of minimum income: explaining path departure and policy reversal in Italy and Spain. Discussant: Valeria Fargion

April 16th 17:00│18:30

Julian Garritzmann The Politics of Social Investment Around the Globe. Discussant: Corinna Funke

May 17th 17:00│18:30

Matteo Jessoula: Tackling Inequalities. Vertical redistribution in Old Pension Schemes. Discussant: Maciej Sobocinski


List of events 2020 (upcoming – please check back periodically for updates)

April 27th 18:30│19:30 Christoffer Green-Pedersen, Aarhus University

May 29tth 11:00│13:00 Julia Lynch, University of Pennsylvania

June 4th 18:30│19:30 Anke Hassel, Hertie School of Governance (co-sponsored with the SPS Departmental Seminar Series)




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