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Working Groups


A number of Working Groups, led by the SPS professors or researchers, have been established: 


The initiative of creating Working Groups is supported by the SPS Department.   

If you wish to organise a working group please note that: 

Each group should have a liaison professor. His/her role would not be to interfere in any way with the group’s work but just to be aware of what is happening. The administrative assistant to that professor would then be responsible for the room booking, not for the circulation of announcements. This would have to be to be followed up by the workshop organisers.

Working Groups should set up web pages, so that researchers in the SPS Department and other Departments know what is going on. The Departmental web coordinator, Monika Rzemieniecka, can give you advice on this.

Check here all the upcoming events organised by the SPS Working Groups.

Click here to access the Centralised Working Groups Repository.


Page last updated on 13 January 2020