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Event highlights 2017/2018

June2018 GGP terrorism

22 June 2018: Terrorism and Security Governance, forum

The Robert Schuman Centre, in line with its mission to promote policy dialogue with the world of practice, held a discussion titled ‘Terrorism and Security Governance’, organised by the Global Governance Programme. The aim was to feed academic reflection about the analytical problems we face in the study of terrorism, and at the same time, to frame and inform the public discussion on the security situation in Europe. 

June2018 GGP From data to decison

7-9 June 2018: Evidence-Based Policy-Making: from Data to Decision-Making, executive training seminar

This Executive Training Seminar, hosted by the Global Governanve Programme, aimed to contribute to a better understanding of different modes and instruments of evidence-based policy-making. The main purpose was to provide fresh ideas on how to develop a convincing toolbox for providing evidence for policy-makers, including critical assessments of the limits of empirical and data evidence in defining new policies. 

180524 NORFACE_Welfare_team_1124e

24-25 May 2018: NORFACE Welfare State Futures Final Conference, final project event

The Welfare State Futures programme wass funded by 15 NORFACE partners and the European Commission, and financed 15 large research projects comprising 60 principal investigators and nearly 200 researchers.  The final conference of the Welfare State Futures Programme organised by Professor Ellen Immergut within the framework of the European Governance and Politics Programme provided a forum to present central findings of this research and discuss them with international experts from both scientific and policy perspectives. 

May 2018 Transantlantic Relations

7-9 May 2018: Transatlantic Relations: Past, Present, and Future, executive training seminar

This Executive Training Seminar organised by the Global Governance Programme examined the current state of transatlantic relations. Topics included the future of US grand strategy and its implications for Europe, EU initiatives to build independent security and defense capabilities, transatlantic relations and Russia and transatlantic relations in the era of Donald Trump.

April 2018 Addressing Antisemitism

23-24 April 2018: Addressing Rising Antisemitism in Europe, policy workshop

The policy workshop, organised by the Global Governance Programme, discussed the ways to increase the acknowledgment of Antisemitism as a societal problem. It included a visit to Synagogue of Florence where participants were informed about the very good relationship between the Muslim and Jewish community and how they had developed them.

March 2018 EGPP Launch event

8-9 March 2018: 2017: Europe’s Bumper Year of Elections, launch conference 

The launch conference of the new European Governance and Politics Programme alternated a series of election country-specific panels with thematic ones, devoted to specific elements that characterised the political and electoral scenario of 2017. A roundtable, focusing on the outlook towards the 2019 European elections, concluded this two-day event.

february 2018 regulation artificial intelligence

26 February 2018: Regulation of Artificial Intelligence in Transport, Supply Chain Management and Logistics, workshop

The workshop organised by the Florence School of Regulation Transport focussed on the state of the art within the field of transportation, supply chain management and logistics as well as evaluating possible actions like regulation, agency- or industry-based approaches for establishing safeguards towards effective but risk-mitigating settings for this sector. 



26 September 2017: 'Europe’s Union in Transition: Coping with Change and Diversity', launch event of EUI in Brussels

The European University Institute (EUI) launched the EUI in Brussels programme to strengthen its engagement with the world of practice and bring the fruits of its research to a Brussels audience on a more regular basis. Given the presence of a large number of distinguished EUI alumni in Brussels, the launch of the programme is an event to connect with these highly valued alumni.

New Observatory of Public Attitudes to Migration  OPAM  – Migration Policy Centre – MPC

20 September 2017: Launch of the Observatory of Public Attitudes to Migration (OPAM)

The Migration Policy Centre launched its Observatory of Public Attitudes to Migration (OPAM) on 20 September 2017 in Brussels. OPAM is the first Observatory dedicated to producing comprehensive, pan-EU data and accounts of public attitudes to migration in Europe. 

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