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Bridging academic and administrative affairs

Dean of Graduate Studies

The Dean of Graduate Studies is responsible for steering and coordinating the structured graduate programme in the departments. She coordinates teaching and supervision activities in close consultation with the departments, and is a reference point for doctoral researchers for all problems related to their studies in coordination with the Directors of Studies. She also chairs the Entrance Board and the Doctoral Programme Committee.

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The Dean for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusiveness

The Dean for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusiveness supports the President by proposing and implementing the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusiveness policies of the EUI. The Dean identifies and promotes opportunities for improving equality diversity and inclusiveness at the EUI; oversees the implementation and the monitoring of related policies; chairs, co-chairs, or participates in the relevant working groups and committees; and supports all units and services in improving their related practices.

The Dean of Postdoctoral Studies

  • Portrait picture of Juho Härkönen

    Juho Härkönen

    Full-time Professor

    Department of Political and Social Sciences

    Dean of Postdoctoral Studies

    Max Weber Programme for Postdoctoral Studies

The Dean of Postdoctoral Studies leads the Max Weber Programme. As such he establishes the Programme's overall strategic direction, leads its academic and administrative management structures and is responsible for its seamless integration into the strategic activities of the EUI and for maintaining active links with all Departments and with the doctoral programme.

The Dean of Research

The Dean of Research advises and supports academics and academic units in the development and the dissemination of their research activities and helps them navigate the different aspects of running research projects. He advises and supports the president in defining and implementing the scientific strategy of the EUI. The Dean also supports and facilitates inter-disciplinary interactions in line with the scientific priorities of the EUI and prepares and implements the work of the Research Council. The Dean of Research is responsible for the academic management of the EUI’s Research Support group within the Central Coordination Unit and supports the development of research collaborations between the EUI and other institutions.

Dean of External Relations

The Dean of External Relations proposes and implements the internationalisation and partnerships strategy of the EUI. The Dean identifies and explores opportunities with research and higher education organisations and other national and international partners, and ensures that the realisation of these opportunities is aligned with the priorities and resources of the EUI.

Dean of Executive Education

  • Portrait picture of Georgios Papakonstantinou

    Georgios Papakonstantinou

    Full-time Professor

    Florence School of Transnational Governance

    Dean of Executive Education

    Office of the Dean of Executive Education

The Dean of Executive Education is responsible for coordinating executive education activities across the Institute in close consultation with the Schools. He chairs the Committee for Executive Education and liaises with Schools and Departments regarding all matters relating to executive education trainings. The Dean advises the President on strategic directions regarding the development of executive education at the Institute.


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