Daniele Caramani

Ernst B. Haas Chair in European Governance and Politics
Director European Governance and Politics Programme

Caramani DanieleEmail: [email protected]  

Tel. [+39] 055 4685 - 705 

Office:  Villa Schifanoia, VS032

Administrative Assistant: Sarah Bernstein

Biographical Note

Daniele Caramani is Ernst B. Haas Chair in European Governance and Politics at the Robert Schuman Centre and Director of the European Governance and Politics Programme (EGPP) while being on special leave from the University of Zurich.

Daniele Caramani obtained his PhD in Social and Political Sciences at the European University Institute (EUI) in 1997 after graduating from the University of Geneva. At the EUI he has also been Vincent Wright Fellow from 2000 and 2002 and a visiting professor in 2012. Since 2014 he is a professor at the University of Zurich. He has previously held positions at Mannheim (MZES), Birmingham and St. Gallen among others. He has also been a visiting fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford, the Stein Rokkan Centre in Bergen and the Australian National University. He is Co-director of the Constituency-Level Elections Archive, which has received the APSA ‘Dataset Award’.

Research Interests

His areas of research are:

  • European politics in comparative and historical perspective
  • Europeanization
  • Elections, party systems, political cleavages
  • State formation, nationalism and democratization
  • Political representation, technocracy and populism
  • Comparative methods and quantitative data collection


Books and edited volumes

Daniele Caramani is the author of books including The Europeanization of Politics (Cambridge University Press 2015) and The Nationalization of Politics (Cambridge University Press 2004) for which he has been awarded UNESCO's ‘Stein Rokkan Prize for Comparative Research in the Social Sciences’. He has authored Introduction to the Comparative Method with Boolean Algebra (Sage, ‘Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences’ 2009) and Elections in Western Europe since 1815 (Palgrave 2000, supplemented with CD-ROM). He edits the textbook Comparative Politics (Oxford University Press 2020, fifth edition). Among various edited books, a new volume on The Technocratic Challenge to Democracy (Rouledge 2020) has recently been published.


Selected journal articles and chapters

Bertsou, Eri and Daniele Caramani (2020). People Haven't Had Enough of Experts: Measuring Technocratic Attitudes among Citizens in Nine European Democracies. American Political Science Journal (Early View).

Caramani, Daniele and Luca Manucci (2019). National Past and Populism: The Re-Elaboration of Fascism and Its Impact on Right-Wing Populism in Western Europe. West European Politics. 42 (6):1159-87.

Caramani, Daniele (2017). Will vs. Reason: The Populist and Technocratic Forms of Representation and Their Critique to Party Government. American Political Science Review 111(1): 54-67.

Caramani, Daniele and Ken Kollman (2017). The Nationalization of Electoral Politics: Frontiers of Research, Special symposium of Electoral Studies, 47: 51-145.

Caramani, Daniele and Florian Grotz (2015). Voting Rights in the Age of Globalization. Special issue of Democratization 22(5).

Caramani, Daniele, Celis, Karen and Bram Wauters (2014). The Representation of Old and New Cleavages in Europe. In Deschouwer, Kris and Sam Depauw (eds.), Political Representation in the Twenty-First Century. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Caramani, Daniele (2012). The Europeanization of Electoral Politics: An Analysis of Converging Voting Distributions in 30 European Party Systems, 1970–2008. Party Politics 18(6): 803–23.

Caramani, Daniele and Oliver Strijbis (2012). Discrepant Electorates: The Inclusiveness of Electorates and Its Impact on the Representation of Citizens. Parliamentary Affairs 65(1): 1–21.

Camia, Valeria and Daniele Caramani (2011). Family Meetings: Ideological Convergence Within Party Families Across Europe, 1945–2009. Comparative European Politics 10(1): 48–85.

Caramani, Daniele (2011). Electoral Waves: An Analysis of Trends, Spread and Swings Across 20 West European Countries 1970–2008. Representation 47(2): 137–60.

Caramani, Daniele (2010). Of Differences and Similarities: Is the Explanation of Variation a Limitation to (or of) Comparative Analysis? European Political Science 9: 34–48.

Caramani, Daniele (2010). Alpine Europe. In: Dyson, K. and A. Sepos (eds.), Which Europe? The Politics of Differentiated Integration. London: Palgrave (pp. 83–98).

Caramani, Daniele (2006). Is There a European Electorate and What Does It Look Like? Evidence from Electoral Volatility Measures, 1976–2004. West European Politics 29(1): 1–27.

Caramani, Daniele (2003). The End of Silent Elections: The Birth of Electoral Competition, 1832–1915. Party Politics 9(4): 411–43.

Caramani, Daniele (2003). State Administration and Regional Construction in Central Europe: A Historical Perspective. In: Keating, M. and J. Hughes, (eds.), The Regional Challenge in Central and Eastern Europe: Territorial Restructuring and European Integration. Brussels: P.I.E.-Peter Lang (pp. 21–50).



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