School of Transnational Governance

The STG Briefs the Italian Senate on the Crisis of Democratic Representation

STG Directors and Professors discussed the role of democratic institutions in a context of rapid social change.

On 14 February 2019, the School of Transnational Governance organised the Policy Dialogue ‘La crisi della rappresentanza, le trasformazioni della democrazia e il futuro delle istituzioni parlamentari’ at the Italian Senate, in Rome.

An initiative promoted by the vice-President of the Italian Senate Anna Rossomando, the event brought together high-level experts from academia and members of the Parliament from the largest Italian political parties in a fruitful debate on the transformation of democracy.

In his opening remarks, Prof. Miguel Poiares Maduro praised the initiative, recalling how one of the main objectives of the STG is to create a bridge between academic expertise and the worlds of politics and policy-making. ‘We seek to establish a privileged relationship with civil society,’ he said, ‘by bringing the knowledge and expertise of the European University Institute to the outside world.’

Prof. Maduro reflected on how the profound transformation of our society affects representative democracy and its institutions. He stated that the transformation of the space, time, and means of politics has led to a context where ‘the space of politics is global, while our institutions are mostly local’.

Prof. Daniel Innerarity, reflecting on the transformation in the time of politics, highlighted the inability of political parties to focus on long-term objectives: ‘in this accelerated context,’ he said, ‘politics is no longer able to govern social processes, and political action stagnates’. 

Fabrizio Tassinari, who moderated the first panel, defined the event an ‘excellent occasion to debate the present challenges and the future of representative democracy’.

The event was live-streamed by Radio Radicale and is available on their website.