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Grant Information for Estonia/Eesti

No separate grant application is required. The application for admission to the EUI doctoral programme is automatically an application for a national grant. The grant awarding authority requires candidates to submit a mandatory statement together with their EUI online application.

Mandatory Statement

  • The Estonian Grant Awarding Authority (Foundation Archimedes Education Agency) requires candidates to complete and sign this statement and motivation letter [download template]. A scanned PDF copy of the duly completed and signed statement must be attached to the EUI Online Application Form: Please use the CV field to upload the PDF document, as a separate file in addition to your CV.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The scholarship can be awarded to the citizens of Estonia, citizens of the European Union member states staying in Estonia with permanent residence and persons staying in Estonia with long-term residence permit, who have been accepted to the doctoral studies of the Institute within the framework of the quota allocated to Estonia

Grant and Allowances

  • Monthly grant: 1.080  EUR.
  • Travel allowance: 360 EUR per one trip, maximum 2 trips per year
  • Family allowance: monthly child support for under-age children and child’s travel costs are remunerated (maximum 2 trips per year)
  • Insurance: no
  • Conference allowance: during studies one visit to professional conference is remunerated

The Grant Authority provides a monthly grant for the first three years of EUI Ph.D. Programme. The fourth year is covered by the EUI (2020 grant is 1,350 per month, in addition to other allowances).

Grant-awarding Authority

ESTFoundation Archimedes
Education Agency  
Evelin Einla-Polluks
Tõnismägi, 11 
EE-Tallinn 10119  


Foundation Archimedes

Education Agency 

Evelin Einla-Polluks


For specific conditions and rules read guidelines in Estonian.

Page last updated on 15 January 2020