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COVID-19 Useful Info for Life on Campus


Eating at the EUI (Canteen and self catering)

  • Canteens & Bars

As of Monday 31 August, canteens are open at the Badia Fiesolana (Monday to Friday from 12 to 14.30), Villa La Fonte and Villa Salviati (Monday to Friday from 12 to 14). Bar services are also open Mon-Fri 8.30-15.30 (8.30-16.30 at the Badia Fiesolana and Villa la Fonte). A lunch delivery service is in place at Villa Schifanoia.


  • Canteen Reservation

Canteen reservation is mandatory and possible by calling or sending an email message to the Front desk of the selected building providing name and preferred slot (subject to availability):

  • Villa Schifanoia:  reservation at:  [email protected] or int. phone 2550 (for delivery only)

At the end of each slot, cleaning of common spaces is provided.

At the Badia Fiesolana Canteen services are provided with 4 (FOUR) time slots from 12 to 14.30 (50 minutes each): 

Slots are organized as follows:

  • Slot 1 12:00-12.40
  • Slot 2 12:40-13.20
  • Slot 3 13:20-14.00
  • Slot 4 14.00-14.30

At Villa la Fonte and Villa Salviati canteen services are provided with 3 (three) time slots from 12 to 14.00 (40 minutes each).

Slots are organized as follows:

  • Slot 1 12:00-12.40
  • Slot 2 12:40-13.20
  • Slot 3 13:20-14.20

Please note: in order to avoid overcrowding, users are requested to leave their space immediately after the end of their reserved slot.


  • Self-catering

In order to guarantee enough space with correct social distancing for all EUI members eating on site at the Badia Fiesolana, a special area has been allocated for self-catering (i.e. bring-your-own-meal option) in the Sala Rossa.

Reservation is required and mandatory also for self-catering, based on the above-mentioned slots: in this case you are requested to notify your presence and check your reservation at the Front Desk when accessing the canteen area.

In all other premises the use of equipped kitchens and dedicated areas is allowed used upon the condition of social distancing (1.8 m). Monitoring of flows and distribution will be performed by EUI REFS staff.


Shuttle Bus Service

The shuttle bus for passenger transportation is currently operating according to anti-contagion provisions, and the new schedule (valid as of 24 August) is available here.

Please note

  • On every bus the maximum transportation capacity is of 4 passengers (2 on the 2nd row and 2 on the 3rd row, with 1 empty seat between them). No seating available next to the driver (specific signs will be placed on board);
  • Passengers may access the shuttle only after body temperature measurement (by the driver);
  • The use of face masks is MANDATORY on board;
  • Passengers will have to sanitize their hands prior to boarding (hand sanitizing gel will be available on every bus).



Post & Protocol Office

The Post & Post and Protocol office at the Badia Fiesolana is open Monday to Friday 9-12.30 / 14.30-16-00 .

The EUI shuttle bus operates a mail delivery/pick up service from all EUI premises (as per pre-Covid-19 provisions).

Please note: in compliance with the EUI policy on mail deliveries, we remind you that EUI members should use EUI addresses only for the delivery of work-related items, such as books, IT devices and the like. 

In addition to the above, if you are not supposed to come to the EUI in the upcoming days/weeks, you are kindly requested not to order items to be shipped at the EUI postal address, due to the very limited storage space available in the Post & Protocol office.

Use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

All information concerning the use of facemasks, gloves and sanitizer gels on Campus is available at this link.

Cleaning Provisions

The COVID-19 cleaning and sanitizing protocol currently in force at the EUI foresees the following provisions:

  • Offices

1 sanitization (in addition to the scheduled ordinary cleaning) p/day

  • Common areas (Canteen & Working spaces)

Sanitization of key touch-points at regular intervals and immediate sanitization of desks/chairs/workplace anytime a person leaves.

  • Restrooms

1 sanitization (in adition to the scheduled ordinary cleaning) p/day + sanitization of key touch-points at regular intervals. 

  • Aircon and Fancoil filters

Following the relevant protocol introduced by the Italian Government, maintenance staff will provide the sanitization of all filters in fancoils and aircon units across the EUI Campus on a regular basis, starting 12 May 2020.


Access to Campus

  • Opening Hours

As indicated in the Phase 9 safety layout, access to Campus may vary depending on the category risk level of the Tuscany region (yellow, orange or red).

Safety preventive controls are in place on every premise from 8 to 19: if accessing any building for the first time in the day after 19, you are kindly requested to comply with the following obligations:

  • Badia Fiesolana: please go to the Control Room to have your body temperature measured by security staff on duty;
  • All other premises: please send the self-declaration form to [email protected] before arrival.

Indicated closing times are valid also for people who are already inside the EUI Campus, who are therefore kindly requested to leave by that time. This is particulary important because of the necessity to start the scheduled sanitization of buildings without any delay.


  • Checkpoints

Access to the EUI Campus is possible only via the following checkpoints:


Badia Fiesolana complex:

a)      Access:

  • Coming From parking areas P1, P2, P3 and Villa Schifanoia-Badia Fiesolana connecting road: access from the lower loggia door;
  • Coming From Via dei Roccettini (San Domenico): access from Villa San Felice gate;

Please note: EUI members going to Villa Paola and Villa Sanfelice, before accessing their building, shall notify their presence at EUI staff and comply with existing preventive controls at the lower loggia door.

b)      Exit

  • From lower loggia, from door located next to Sala della Colonna (leading to P2) and from Villa San Felice gate.


Villa Salviati complex:

  • Going to Manica and Castello: access/exit from Villa Salviati Main gate (Castello)


Villa Schifanoia Complex:

  • Going to Villa Schifanoia: access/exit from Villa Schifanoia Reception

Please note: EUI members going to the Casale, Villino, Villa Malafrasca and Villa Raimondi, before accessing their building, shall notify their presence to EUI staff and comply with existing preventive controls at the Villa Schifanoia Reception.


Villa La Fonte:

  • Access/exit from reception area only;

In any of the above indicated access gates/doors you will find dedicated EUI REFS staff for the implementation of safety controls as described in the relevant Action Plan;

Upon completion of necessary preventive controls, you will be able to access your working space. 


Working Spaces & Offices 

Access to researchers and staff is being granted on the basis of the epidemiological situation.

Please check here for more information




Page last updated on 11 May 2021

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