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School of Transnational Governance

Regulation & Technological Innovation: Opportunities, Challenges and Emerging Approaches


11 weeks

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Programme Description

New technologies are evolving so fast that regulators struggle to keep pace: the insufficiency of current regulatory instruments is as evident as the need for effective rules in a world in constant flux. Future decision-makers need to master a new toolkit to foster more agile, adaptive regulation in times of constant disruption and increasingly frequent emergencies.

By taking this course, you can learn how regulators are coping with the interplay between regulation and innovation, and how new regulatory tools are being designed and implemented around the world. You will also learn what it takes to become a policy leader in your field, and understand the use of instruments such as regulatory sandboxes, the use of big data in regulation, rules for digital platforms and emerging approaches to market liberalisation. You will also discuss several case studies from different regulated sectors, which will help you at once explore existing experiences around the world, and debate important legal, policy and ethical concerns with a group of peers. The course is an interactive learning journey, mixing personalised training according to your domain of professional expertise with inter-disciplinary, collaborative learning with your peers and colleagues, and live, interactive sessions with the course instructor.

This course is a result of the collaboration between Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and European University Institute.


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