EUI-STG Democracy Forum

The Forum on Democratic Participation and the Future of Europe

The EUI Democracy Forum explores the range, promise and potential of citizen participation in Europe, by taking the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) as a case in point. While the focus is the European Union and its neighbouring countries, the Union is but one instance of our global XXIst century challenge to invent new forms of transnational democracy.

In line with the STG’s declared mission, the Forum provides a bridge between academia, European institutions, practitioners, and civil society in order to help CoFoE to become a window and a test for what the EU could and should do following the conference, and beyond. Witnesses to the real democratic urgency of today’s era, the shrinking civil spaces even in Europe and the hope and participatory imagination of the new generation, we believe that these call for an appropriate response on the part of the EU.

The Forum’s goals and methods are developed organically by its member, as both reactive and proactive, a critical monitor and an active participant in the CoFoE processes.


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